August 25, 2020

Hobo Hundo Challenge

THE SCENE: Strangely quiet. Everyone noticed it. Everyone knew why: several beloved Saddles PAX regulars were absent today.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Done… AND the ‘Hobo Hundo’ was introduced. I offered a crisp, $100 bill to the first person to splash merlot during the workout. It will be offered from time to time, but not every time, so we don’t have any PAX chugging milk before the workout to make a quick buck.


  • 15x Mountain Climbers IC (4:1)
  • 15x SSH
  • 15x Hand Release Merkin IC
  • 15x Prison Squats IC


  • Mosey to the stadium
  • Steps/railing circuit x3
    • I’m the timer. (20-25 reps of each)
      • This was new. I decided that instead of everyone performing the same 20 reps and waiting for all in, or doing the entire circuit on your own and trying to remember everything, that I would just perform 25 of the prescribed exercise and then count-down the last 5 so everyone knew when to stop. This way, everyone got to focus on form, they could go at whatever speed they wanted (fast/slower), and we all got to start the next exercise together.
    • 20 Inverted Rows
    • 20 Jump ups
    • Elevated glute raises/pumps/hold
      • We held a little, pumped a little, did single-leg IC a bit. U-Rock made some crass remark about ‘last night’.
    • 20 Dips
    • 20 Burpees
  • Mosey to the farthest light pole
  • Sprint ~300m hard / jog 300m back
    • Paper Trail!!! That guy can move. Ryan Howard in a close second.
  • Stables Circuit x4
    • 5 chin-ups
    • 10 Hand-Release Merkins
    • 0:20 Handstand
    • 0:30 Wall Sit + until all in
  • Sprint ~300m hard back to flag
    • Moneyball led for 280m(!) and then completely ran out of gas. Extremely valiant effort. I was impressed.
    • Paper Trail and Ryan Howard again for the 1-2 finish. Incredible work guys.


  • 15x American Hammer IC
  • 25x Flutter IC
  • 30x Butterfly Situp OYO
  • 15x Shoulder Taps IC
  • 15x Dog Pointers IC

12: Guvnah, Hello Friends, Hobo (QIC), Moneyball, Paper Trail, Roots, Ryan Howard, Sparky, Swipe Right, U-Rock, Wheezer, Matlock

As I was struggling to get out of bed one day this week for the umpteenth workout in a row (August Minutes Challenge), I wondered to myself why I work out. I know I love the fellowship aspect of F3, but why do I choose to exercise? Here are a couple reasons I came up with:

  • I love how I feel shortly after a workout; the feeling of accomplishment, the “pump”
  • I love being able to eat a ton
  • I love being able to do a lot of the activities that require at least a basic level of fitness: climbing, hiking, paddle boarding, skiing, etc.
  • I love being able to play like a kid again, with my kids, and being able to keep up with them for at least a little while.
  • I love feeling like a man. Lifting things, running long distances, recovering quickly after a hard workout.
  • I love having the strength, stamina, and flexibility to love my wife well. I’m sure its still relatively fun even when you’re both out of shape, but I can promise you its a lot better when you’re both in incredible shape.

All of the guys present were out there busting their butts too and likely have some similar reasons. Just continue to make it a habit to show up and work hard and you can reap the benefits of having great physical health.

I feel like if we had done 1 more sprint, I would have splashed merlot. I definitely had that stomach bile taste in my mouth. Everyone seemed to appreciate the elevated single-leg glute raises. Might try and incorporate that more often. I’m excited about the Hobo Hundo challenge and will probably continue to offer it at workouts I attend, not just workouts I Q.

It is hard to believe, but I have posted 35 times at Blazing Saddles in 2020 and this was literally my very first time to Q here.


  • IronPAX workout available tomorrow (Wednesday) at Blazing Saddles.
  • Buck It! CSAUP on Saturday at 5:30am at Johnson Road Park, Germantown.
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