April 6, 2018

Hit Me

THE SCENE: The Annex™ opened up at an awkward 49°.  As YHC entered the parking lot and turned left (per the AOQ’s orders),  he noticed only a few PAX had arrived. But, as PAX are prone to do, they were sitting in their cars, probably checking their GroupMe likes or watching the Gus/OP LHRL podcast on The Facebook. They were not 2ndF’ing. More on that later.

As more trickled in and the gaggle of PAX began to grow, Soulja Boy and Speedy walked up from an undisclosed area of the park. Shady.

Phat Pat, on the other hand, was a solid seven minutes late. Apparently, the Bartlett Hair Emporium didn’t open until 5:15, and no one was there to assist him with loading the gallons of hair lacquer he purchased into his whip. Customer service is dead.


Squats IC x 20
Hillbillies IC x 20
SSH IC x 20
Burpees OYO x 10
Forward Arm Circles IC x 10
Reverse Arm Circles IC x 10


In honor of the AOQ being a known degenerate gambler, the PAX played a little Annex Blackjack.

– Start at Backstop 1 and perform 1 Merkin
– Run to Backstop 2 (roughly 50 yards away) and perform 20 LBCs
– Run back to Backstop 1 and perform 2 Merkins
– Run back to Backstop 2 and perform 19 LBCs
– Repeat until 20 Merkins and 1 LBC (always adds up to 21)
– Completed reps = 210 Merkins, 210 LBCs

After cashing in their chips, the PAX finished with a nice 4:4 Crowd Pleaser.

– 1 Merkin + 1 Groiner
– 2 Merkins + 2 Groiners
– Repeat until 4:4 and then reverse to 1:1

Gas Pumps IC x 10
American Hammer IC x 15
Monkey Crunches IC x 10
Jane Fondas IC x 10
Squeaky Bed Hello Dolly IC x 7 

9 HIM tore up the town: Orange Julius, Moana, Phat Pat, Soulja Boy, Speedy, Bootheel, Woodpecker, Slots, Captain Obvious (QIC)

30 Hour Challenge: This weekend, put down your phone/device from Saturday morning at 9am until 3pm on Sunday afternoon (30 hours). Spend the time you normally spend endlessly checking GroupMe/Twitter/Pinterest  engaging with your M and Shorties. Play a game. Read a book. Build a fort. Do some laundry. Only use your phone in case of emergencies and really focus on connecting like we use to do in the olden days.

*If the phone is not your vice, then decide on what is and lay that down for 30 hours. PAX who were not in attendance this morning at the Annex are also encouraged to participate.

To no one’s surprise, Slots’ performance at Wednesday’s APFT was a hot topic. It seems no one believes that one man could possibly, and legally, do 104 Merkins in two minutes. YHC believes the only solution is to retest on Monday at the Morg, WHERE WE KNOW SLOTS LOVES TO POST ANYWAY!!! As usual, Moana was utterly unimpressed with everything we did, so much so that he stationed himself outside of our circle for Mary. Elitist. PLC was solid despite the unequally yoked blend of Folgers and Starbucks that was served.

Prayers for Sleep Number and family with passing of his dad.
Morg APFT on Monday.
Do hard stuff.