September 29, 2020

HIM Inspired Work at The Armory


Perfect F3 Weather, 53 Degrees.  Arrived 10 mins early.  Loved when Pops pulled up in Big Red….”I love the smell of exhaust in the morning”.



Done.  Tried to get Pops to pay me to Q but he wouldn’t so let the men know I was not being paid, modify if you need but push themselves.

Let everyone know that today’s workout had a theme that I would share at the end.



Motivators – down from 6 (first time I lead these and man, did it show.  That was a disaster – will do better next time.

Daisey Pickers IC x 15

Imperial Walkers IC x 15 (about this time Meter Maid pulled in securing my vote for his position for the G-Town School Board)

Arm Circles IC x 10 frontwards and backwards



Jack Webbs – 1 merkin/4 overhead press, 2 merkin/8 overhead press….up to 10 merkins / 40 overheadpress.

Merkin Mile – without merkins.   Moseyed with decent pace and stopped every ¼ mile and did following exercises.

  • ¼ mile mark – 10 Tempo Squats IC / 25 Medicine Ball Jacks IC
  • ½ mile mark – 10 monkey humpers IC / 25 Medicine Ball Jacks IC (had PAX face truck parked on other side of lot to make whomever was inside uncomfortable…F3 style.
  • ¾ mile mark – 10 Tempo Squats IC / 25 Medicine Ball Jacks IC
  • 1 mile mark – 10 monkey humpers IC – called out name of each PAX during so they could give their best vocal monkey impersonation  / 25 Medicine Ball Jacks IC

Roxannes:  Played Roxanne by The Police.  Got in high plank position.  Performed a merkin each time “Roxanne” is said, and a plank jack each time “Red Light” is said during the song.  Was accused of downloading the extended play version.  I used to like that song…..

Sprints:  Pax lined up on end of parking lot with shovel flag.  Took turns down the line in giving the “Go” command and sprinted to other side of parking lot (~30 yards).  Went through the group 2 times for a total of 12 sprints.



Flutter Kicks x 50 IC

Hold High Plank 1 minute



Explained to the PAX that I designed the workout today not on my own but by taking bits and pieces from what I have seen others do and do well.  The following pieces reminded me of some HIM in F3 so I wanted to incorporate them into my Q this week:  Motivators – Lochte, Jack Webbs – Halpert, Good Form Tempo Squats – Nature Boy, Monkey Humpers – ok, this was an audible as Landline recommended we circle up around the van and do them so we did – for Cheezsteak, Roxannes – Roots, Sprints – Speaker, too many Flutter Kicks – Grimace.

Leaders help others achieve things.  They don’t have to have all the answers and have all the ideas.  They should rely on others who do things well to help the team.  Leadership is not about the leader standing out but about helping others achieve greatness.

Our world needs leadership and I see a whole lot of it in F3 and for that I am grateful.



I like working out without the humidity and a touch of coolness.  Hot PLC was nice after.  I am grateful that Pops is now leading Tuesdays at the Armory and excited to see Roots taking over Thursday AOQ recently.  Landline plans to make a tour of all AOs in a month as he will be handing off Arcadio AOQ duties tomorrow – great idea after stepping out of AOQ duties!  My vote for best primate vocals during our monkey humpers went to Pops (lowland gorillaesque) and Landline (very odd sounding like a monkey cheering after a home run).  There are some things you can set your watch to… kids waking up early on the weekend and Meter Maid rolling into BC 3 mins late.  Sprints at the end of any workout is a good way to quiet any mumblechatter.  Last but not least, my gloves need a bath.

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