November 3, 2017

“HEY GEORGIE,” Escaping Pennywise

Location: The Barracks

Conditions: 60 degrees with 90% humidity!

(V)QIC: Teacher’s Pet

PAX: Crayfish, Mothballs, Phat Pat, Spock, Pirtle, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Oz, Bookworm, Four Eyes, Shoestring, 3 FNGS (Monarch, Browns, and Matlock)



  • SSH IC x15
  • Baby Arm Circles forward IC x15
  • Baby Arm Circles backward IC x15
  • Imperial Walkers IC x15
  • Butt Kickers IC x15

The Thang: Run From Pennywise

Starting from northeast corner drain:

  • Run to northwest corner drain; 13 burpees
  • Run two corner drains; 12 merkins
  • Run three corner drains; 11 squats
  • Run four corner drains (aka 1 full lap); 10 dry docks
  • Run three corner drains; 9 burps
  • Run two corner drains; 8 merkins
  • Recover/Walk to beginning NE drain; 7 squats
  • Run two corner drains; 6 dry docks
  • Run three corner drains; 5 burps
  • Run four corner drains; 4 merkins
  • Run three corner drains; 3 squats
  • Run two corner drains; 2 dry docks
  • ALL YOU GOT to SE drain; 1 burpee


  • Flutterkick IC x20
  • Dealer’s Choice
    • ?
    • Shoestring – ABC’s?
    • Four Eyes – Crab Cakes
    • Crayfish – Babymakers
  • LBCs IC x20


COT: Lance Armstrong Story as Heard on The Road to Now. After doping (which everyone in biking world apparently did) and getting caught he went after people trying to bring him down. Tried suing. He lost the foundation he’d helped start —Livestrong, his family has to deal with his mistakes, and most people that loved him because he was a celebrity were now gone and disowned him as an Icon. He did speak about someone leaning in and still being on his side. This is Christ to us no matter our mess up nor our praise from folks. Let’s face it, we’re messy. Yet He’s always leaning in towards us with grace. Let’s lean in when loved ones fail rather than flee. Let’s be Christ to them.

Link to Podcast:

BOM: Prayers for shooting Shoestring’s friend who’s parents are divorcing after 30 something years of marriage, Phat Pat’s friend from Halloween night who needs community, Monarch’s travels to Yellowstone

Moleskin: YHC enjoyed the chance to lead and create script to keep the PAX together for the running workout (Workout inspired by 10/27 Barracks when seeing each corner had drains and then seeing the remake of IT the same night). This was the goal and it was achieved. However it wasn’t without some hiccups, but we can blame Pennywise. Calling cadence for the first time other than Q-School at the Mothership was fun (inadvertently changing the tenor in my voice prematurely and forgetting how many counts/reps we were doing in w-o-rama…). Also didn’t notice that there were drains along the way other than the corner drains. Interesting MARY moment when 30-50 ROTC PAX moseyed by us while we did Baby Makers (Thanks Crayfish!). Also shoutout to Matlock (no longer a Sad Clown) who posted after fartsacking since YHC recruited him after 8/19/17 Launch (76 days).