May 30, 2019

Help! I need an ambulance!

THE SCENE: Expecting rain, the 71 degree clouds were very…very nice.


  • 20 x SSH
  • 10 x Daisy Pickers IC
  • 10 x Michael Phelps IC

EMS Appreciation Workout – 24 min workout represents 24 hours of each day EMS services are available.  Since the workout is only 24 minutes, we started with….a Merkin mile.

1 Running Mile  with 4 x 24 Merkins

Tha Thang: 

EMS Appreciation Workout – 24 min AMRAP

  • 1 minute plank hold (with rucks on)
  • 20 lunge walks (with rucks on) IC
  • 20 shoulder to shoulders IC
  • 400 M Ruck (2 Laps)


  • 1 Flutter Kicks x 25 IC
  • LBCs x 24 OYO  x 2

9 PAX (1 FNG – Puddle Jumper) – Little John, Flatland, Wasabi, Gus, Tomb Raider, MudPants, Yardsale, Bailout – QIC


In The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen Covey recommends the following mental exercise: Imagine that you’ve died and that four people representing different aspects of your life speak at your funeral: a relative, a fellow church member, a business colleague and someone else from your community. What would each one honestly say about your life?

While it’s not easy to imagine others testifying to the effectiveness of our lives in the context of a funeral, this exercise does provide some much needed perspective. There’s nothing like the end of a life to get others to consider the course of their days.

Take a few minutes today to seriously think about what these individuals might say about you to a gathered crowd.

Now take a few moments to imagine what Jesus would say about your Christian life to this point. What does he think about your faith? What does he think about your accomplishments for his kingdom? Would he describe you as someone growing closer to him each day?

The mumblechatter today was unique.  YHC heard questions being posed like, “How many orifices does a circle have if in 2 dimensions verses 3 dimensions?” and “If you had to choose one orifice (mouth or anus) which one would you choose to have?”

Enjoyed the FNG – “Puddle Jumper” today.  He is a mathematician and worked with Flatland.  I think these two men could provide many a geometrical proof.

MudPants did provide some math humor as well.  How does a mathematician solve his problem of constipation?   He works it out with a pencil.

Prayers for the Gooch family, for flooding/tornado victims and a friend of Little John whose new child is in the NICU.

None discussed.