January 6, 2021

Heavy Rucking, Calisthenics, Sandbag snatches

Picked up Bruce as usually (only way he will come out to post!) on my way to the Barracks.  Another crisp, cold Memphis morning in January.  Great weather for a strength and conditioning workout.


Everyone got the spiel

Quick warm up using 120# sandbag.  Each pax took a turn doing 10 dead lifts with the sandbag while the other paxs SSH with rucks on.


After the warm ups, paxs grabbed their sandbags (60# and 80+ lbs sandbags) and made their way over to the tracks.  Paxs rucked a mile with their sandbags (with their rucks on as well).  Some paxs took turns rucking the 80+ lb sandbag for a lap around the track.  High planks (w/ rucks) until all in

Calisthenics (no rucks):

After the ruck, paxs moseyed over to the pull up and dip bars for ~8-10 minutes AMRAP of 10 reps of the following: pull-ups, pike push-ups using the bench, and leg raises on dip bars.  Assistance bands used  for pull-ups for form and to use lats correctly and through the entire range of motion of the pull up movement.  Pike push-ups progressed from traditional pike position on the ground to the bench to increase strength and stabilization load on the shoulder complex and increase engagement of core.  Dips leg raises performed to increase strength throughout the upper body, increase ability to stabilize and hold body weight statically while performing a long lever movement, and increase core strength. From a dip starting position, legs were raised as high as possible trying to form an “L” with your body.  Legs lowered back to start position in a controlled manner trying not the let body swing.

Sandbag Snatch (60# and 80+ lbs bags with rucks on):

Each pax performed 3 reps of 10 of the following decomposed movements of the second pull for the snatch:

  1. from a hang clean position, extends body, getting up on your toes, pushing hips forward and shrugging shoulders at the your most body extended position.  Keep arms straight.  (3×10)
  2. sandbag high pulls, from a power snatch position (3×10)

Finally, putting it all together, paxs performed sandbag snatches (10x).  power cleans for modification.

Until time, with rucks on paxs performed either mountain climber merkins or hip through merkins (~ 1 minute)


After yesterday’s Georgia Senate elections, pray for our countries healing and unity no matter your political leanings.

Prayers for Bruce’s family friend who passed away and for Ricky Bobby’s and Rabbit’s friends who are going through some tough times right now.

Nothing new.

Prince Ali
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