November 16, 2019

Heavy lifting at the Maneship

THE SCENE: Not shorts weather. Corndog wore shorts.

IC 30 SSH, 10 Daisey Pickers, 15 Hillbillies, 15 Imperial walkers, 10 Merkins, Mosey across the parking lot.
10 Pax, 10 Stations. Modify as needed, CMUs were a plenty and could be subbed out for brought weight. Each station was amrap with the pax pulling the CMU weighted tire to the end of the lot and back being the timer…… just a little resistance. Stations are as followed

  • The Grimace (CMU weighted tire) ya just pull it. easy peasy. from one end of the lot and back.
  • 80# slam ball, just toss it over yer shoulder
  • tire flip. mama bear tire
  • 70#/50# kettle bell swing
  • battle rope. squat and alternate or make the wave
  • 45# Ruck plate curl
  • 130# farmer carry
  • 90# weighted sled (Push it…. Push it real good)
  • 30# slam ball, pick that sucka up and slam it back down
  • Tire sledge hammer. baby bear tire

Completed one round then broke into 2 teams for a sprint relay down the lot and back. Team 1 won and got to choose a station to alter. 130# farmer carry was Axed and replaced with Merkins. Each pax now also had the option of removing the CMU from the Grimace and we rinsed and repeated. Dawson immediately placed the  CMU back into the Grimace, buckled up and took off.

IC Freddie Mercuries. 20 up the Hill 20 Down the hill (double time). Bailout – Boat / Canoe
10 Pax Barney (345), Corn Dog, Dawson, Brutus, Laettner, Ike, Bailout, Rabbit, Speedy (qic), Tremor (Aoq)
Words were spoken
Congrats Barney on his 345 during this not warm week. Everyone kicked ass during the sprint, great job guys.