June 3, 2019

Heavier Than It Looked

THE SCENE: 72 degrees, partly cloudy with mostly stratus clouds floating above, 89% humidity, 74% precipitation, good atmospheric pressure, visibility of 15 miles, 0.039 in. Of dew cast on the ground. Almost everything you just read is false.

•welcomed and disclaimed 

•10 burpees

•15 daisy pickers

•20 SSH

•10 burpees
•Indian run to field by the baseball fields.

•I had a bag. That bag contained two sheets of lead (not sure of the leads weight but best guess is 60+ pounds) and a 25 pound weight. We lined up, the first person would drag the weighted bag 50 meters, while doing so the others did burpees. This was done until everyone did it once.

•round two. Rope pulls were done with the bag for 50 meters (eventually shortened it for times sake). Those not pulling did jumping squats, flutter kicks, 20 eight count flutter kicks and sit-thru’s.

•Indian run to the tennis court.

•we all lined up on one end and sprinted the other side, doing 20 merkins and 25 LBCs then sprinted back.

•rinse and repeat with 10 burpees and 25 squats.

•Indian run (which divulged into just running, like normal people) back to STARTEX.

•10 eight count flutter kicks

•20 LBCs
10 PAX and 1 Irish goodbye.

Woodpecker, Choker, The Streak, Flobee, Orange Julias, Beetus, Sleep Number, Topanga, Puddle Jumper and Commie
I shortened my COT by a lot, for times sake. So here’s the proper at length COT, WARNING! It is graphic and brutal.

with June 6th coming up in a few short days I thought I’d talk about some of the things that the men of Operation Overlord fought to end.

Germany initially wanted to move the Jews to Africa, just keep them out of sight and out of mind. But with a war being raged there and the ability to transport them practically non-existent, alternative options were considered and employed. For countries like Poland, Germany would come in and find Jewish communities, towns, villages and kill them off. By the thousands mass executions were done, civilians shot into a hastily made mass grave. Many Polish Jews were kicked out of their homes so Germans could live there and were moved to Jewish slums, riddled with poverty, lack of food, water, medicine, lack of pretty much everything.

Life in concentration camps was especially brutal. Forced work parties, little food, torture and beatings. They lived life on the edge of existence.

Lack was a factor in Germany’s invasion of Russia, they wanted their resources to feed and supply the German war machine, they predicted 30 million Russian citizens would starve and die from this. The roaming killing squads didn’t help. Men who’s sole purpose was to drive around to the rounded up prisoners or Jews and murder them.

on the other end, Though not apart of the Normandy invasion we were still fighting Japan. The evil the Japanese committed, on mass scale, many times over dampens any remorse you may have had for our dropping the Atom bombs on them.

The Rape of Nanking.

Nanking was a Chinese city that was taken over by the Japanese in December of 1937

The Japanese raped and pillaged the entire city. Chinese soldiers that were taken prisoner or that surrendered were executed. Taken out to various parts on the outskirts of city, lined up in rows, and beheaded. Row 1 would get beheaded then row 2 would push their bodies into a river then row 2 would get beheaded, so on and so forth, all night. When killing 2,000 a night like this wasn’t producing the results wanted, they switched to cross-connecting machine gun fire. When most all of the soldiers were handled, the Japanese set sights on the civilian populace. Mass incinerations, where they burned people alive by the hundreds. Even playing “games” like marching scores of people up buildings, knocking the stairs out and setting the ground floor on fire, then forcing people to jump in. Or forcing 10 or so people at a time into holes to be lit on fire. One famous incident involved bringing hundreds of men, women and children into the town square and dousing them in gasoline before they got riddled with bullets. A favorite was to see who could kill 100 people with a sword first. Acid was thrown on the populace. they would march people out by the thousands to frozen lakes or ponds and make them jump in only to use their frozen corpses for target practice. People, who were still alive were used as bayonet targets. People would be buried to the waist to which the Japanese would send dogs to tear them to pieces. Or bury them to their necks only to run over them with horses, tanks, kick them or behead them with a sword. People were crucified to wood boards, electrical boxes, trees. Some were nailed, naked to schools only to be stabbed hundreds of times by a special tool, a needle with a handle. Around 100 men were reported to have had their eyes gouged out, ears and noses cut off before being set on fire. Babies were bayoneted or thrown into pots of boiling water, alive. If a pregnant woman was found, after raping her they would cut her open and rip the baby out and kill it, no matter how pregnant she was.

Women from every class, farmwives to nuns, young, old, small children, elderly grandma, didn’t matter, they don’t know the specific number, only that the rape was near universal. It was said that they were raped in all places at all hours of the day. They were said to rape women to death or kill them first then have their way since “dead bodies don’t fight back”. Many couldn’t walk for weeks afterwords, some needed surgery. Chinese witnesses reported that after the Japanese rape girls, some the age of 10 were slashed in half by swords. Even the men were raped and mocked in front of dozens of onlookers. One man was murdered for refusing to commit necrophilia with a dead woman in the snow.

According to China at the 1947 Nánjīng tribunal, Japan killed over 300,000 people in this single incident alone. That’s a short abbreviation of Nanking, many more horrific things happened, many, many more.

Unit 731. They were charged with biological warfare. Weaponizing infectious or deadly diseases. Typhoid, Black Plague, Ganegreen, anthrax etc. they would tie people to stakes and explode bombs near them so shrapnel with a disease would fly into their flesh and infect, they wanted to see how long it would take to kill them or if it would even work. Unit 731 would throw people into large freezers with the temperature set to -50 degrees and wait, wait to see how long they would last. Or throw a 20 kilogram sandbag on someone and make them walk a set course, eating as little amount of food as possible and drinking as little amount of water as possible, and very little sleep to see how long a person could run on no food. A pair of men made it two months, barley any food or water, carrying a sandbag until they died. Others were thrown in gas chambers, had their blood siphoned off with horse blood or sea water, vivisections. Others were dissected alive. Doctors mulling through their brains or different parts of the body, while the person was alive and under no pain medicine. They would even remove peoples limbs and attach them to other parts of the body to see if it would work. Pressure room. Rooms that made your eyeballs and eye sockets burst before your blood starts seeping through your skin, they said it was terribly painful way to die. Others were laid under heat fans to be mummified alive.  Unit 731 also used their weapons on the battlefield. And when they heard that Okinawa had fallen, the organizations CO ordered 1 billion fleas to be infected and prepared to be used against American troops in what he assumed would be invasion that would happen with the next month or two. They had also weaponized the Black Plague and Anthrax and planned to deploy it alongside the fleas, but globally instead. They had the ability and the intent and planned to kill half of the worlds population when they would surely be invaded.

Over 3,000 civilians were killed in like this thanks to Unit 731

Those experiments were also  done to over 1,000 captured American military personal from the Bataan Death March, also Unit 731 was in Manchuria so after doing THE Bataan Death March the men had to hike through the mountains, in the winter, with no winter gear or much food, into Manchuria to be experimented on.

It was things like this that the men of the Second World War fought to end. We get to enjoy our lives, our freedoms, this great country thanks to them. It takes the best of who we are to end the worst of what we can become. Keep those men and their families in your mind. Deep in your forethought.
The PAX had guts and pulled through,  not sure about flobee though, he may or may not have lost his guts somewhere…I hope he did.