May 24, 2018

Heart Burn at the Berm

THE SCENE: A peaceful 72 degree morning at the berm was interrupted by 9 PAX working hard to get better.

Customary welcome and disclaimer.

SSH X 20, Daisy Pickers X20, Imperial Walkers X10, Shoulder Taps X 10


Our goal today was focused around heart rate.  We achieved our goal:

We started with a 10 klick mosey around the track to the playground area, but this morning there was all work and no play.  We paired off and attacked 9 different exercises in 3 different stations.

Station 1                        Station 2                         Station 3

  • Dips                                  Swing Merkins            Jump ups
  • PRP’s                               Knee ins                         Squats
  • Butkus                             Ab Rollers                      Calf Raises

Each exercise was completed in 60 seconds, with a 10 second reset window to move to the next exercise.  After 3 rotations (completed station) we had a hurried mosey around the play ground back to original station.  Transportation to the next station included bear crawls, scalded dogs and lunges.  After a full 3 stations we went another round only at 30 seconds for each exercise with no mosey between stations.

Once completed we had a 7 klick mosey back to base with enough time for a short dealers choice mary.
Dealers choice: Handsy gave us Peter parker’s, Snookie gave us Jane Fonda’s and Lipton gave us Freddie Mercury’s.  At this point peace again began to settle in on Sea Isle Park.
9 PAX, 0 FNG’s
We talked about 2 Samuel 6 and how King David danced before the Lord with all his might, unconcerned about what others had to say or thought about it.  Dance your dance, before your God, with all your might.  Lead others to do the same.
PRP’s (promise ring’s planks) – Hold plank position while moving hands on and off step…much like BUTKUS but with your hands.

Scalded Dogs – 2 hands and 1 foot on the ground, the other foot extended in the air behind you and move.

Q’s avg heart rate was 155 during the 45 minute workout.