February 12, 2019

Happy to be here

THE SCENE: 50’s and wet

SSH- 25 IC, Daisey Picker- 15 IC, Shoulder Press- 15 IC, Hand Release Merkin- 10 OYO

Mosey around the pond and stop at each light for 10 squats. Mosey to field for the following.

Bear Crawl to the 10 yard line for 10 Groiner Merkins

Lunge Walk to the 20 yard line for 20 alt. leg lunge jump

Frog Jump to the 30 yard line for 30 Prisoner Squats

Crab Walk to the 40 yard line for 40 LBC

Imperial Walk to the 50 yard line for 20 SSH

Rinse and repeat back down to 10

Indian run to each corner on the field.

Corner#1 – 10 Groiner Merkins

Corner#2 – 20 Prisoner Squats

Corner#3 – 30 SSH

Corner#4 – Imperial Walker

Line up on goal line, do 10 Groiner Merkins and run to opposite end at 80% effort, 20 alt. leg lunge jump and run to opposite end at 80% effort, 20 Prisoner squats and run to opposite end at 80% effort, 10 Burpees and run back to start.

Flutter kicks – 20 IC, BBS – 20 IC, Hello Dolly – 20 IC
4 Pax, C-LO, Nature Boy, Dial up , and Utah
Be grateful for every day God gives us! We are Blessed that we have our friends, family, and the ability and freedom to be part of F3. God Bless you all!
Prayers for Dial up and his family, my Father in law who is fighting prostate cancer, and Pops’ step Mother who is fighting breast cancer.