May 29, 2020

Hanson played the Hits, and All Hell Broke Loose at The Turd

Mid 60’s, not too humid, when I pulled in at 5:00. Cheez was finishing his first lap around the track, so I jumped in with him. We passed Grimace, doing stupid things with a tire. And Gun Show and Gomer were out rucking.


Given. Twice. Once for everyone who was there on time, and once for Paper Cut, who rolled up three minutes. He needed the full disclaimer since it’s been well over a year, since his last post.

Motivators, down from 7

Imperial Walkers 12x IC

Hillbillies 12x IC

Daisy Pickers 10x IC

Arm Circles front/back  10x IC

It was about here that Cheezsteak asked if we were STILL in warm-o-rama, and when would we start Tha Thang. By the end, I think everybody was thankful for the extra time was given to extended warmup, rather than more bear crawls.

Merkins 10x IC

Individual Medley: 90 second rounds to complete reps of Merkins, Squats, BBSU, and Burpees.

Start with 5 reps of each. Add one rep for each successive round. We made it up to 10 reps of each.

Mosey around parked cars, then over to open portion of parking lot, for Ascending Curb Crawl.

Feet on curb, do one derkin. Bear crawl to other side of parking lot. Feet on curb, do two derkins. Bear crawl back to where you started. Feet on curb, do three derkins. Etc. etc.

Mosey back to shovel flag for stations.

Station 1: Lt. Dans, add one rep each successive round.

Station 2: Tony Hawk BodyBag Builders (in honor of Grimace’s 1st day as AOQ), add one rep each round.

Station 3: Calf raises, Go up in increments of 10 each round.

At 6:09, Grimace was given the choice to keep doing stations, or finish with 6 minutes of Mary. He chose Mary.

Hello Dolly, Last Man Standing: Everyone on their six, holding 6″. Go around the circle, taking turns doing one rep of Hello Dolly at a time, and counting the reps in succession. First time around the circle, spread your legs and hold. When it comes back around on the next lap, close them back to 6″. When your feet touch the ground, you are out. Roll over and hold high plank, while those still in keep going.

The count made it up to 200, and Grimace was the last man standing!

Did 5 reps IC of Dr. W

Held low plank for final 60 seconds

13 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Grimace (AOQ), Cheezsteak, Captain Obvious, Tremor, Black Diamond, DHL, Paper Cut, Hobo, Gun Show, Gomer, Billy Blanks, & Kenny G

Stolen and tweaked from Dawson’s post earlier this week. Right now, it can be very easy to get sucked in to the negativity, and complain about your job, your M, your kids, or even your life. Dawson’s exercise that he does with his wife is to tell each other one thing you are appreciative for each week. That idea has helped me a number of times this week. Take time to go out of your way to find things in your life that you are thankful for.

It had been so long, I misremembered just how wide the parking lot was at The Annex. The bear crawls were SO FAR! Hobo lapped everybody at least once.

Kenny G will never agree to ride to BC with Hobo ever again, after today’s Speedo incident…

Today’s playlist was selected just for Cheezsteak. All Hanson, all the time!


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