June 19, 2019

Hands on with used rubbers

THE SCENE: was shorts weather! Not raining. Still too early to be up exercising.
F3 WELCOME & Disclaimer. Given…. Also given IC

5 pillars of F3. Credo. It’s June…. So Js

Jumping Jack’s IC x30, Jump Lunges IC x10, J-los IC x 10, Jump squat holds 10-1. Seriously…….. You need to try these. Jindian run with the tire pulling thing with cmu. Rear runs with tire to front n drops tire, rear picks up and repeats…. Just like jindians. Much fun after squat holds.

10 stations 9 pax. 1min amrap then switch. Heavy-ish edition. Only mumble chatter I hear was mocking my soybean approved tunes. Went over the 4th f…. Form….. Lift with man legs not man back and arms.

  • Tire flip… This was a big tire. I had to borrow it from barney and it was it’s first f3 debut. 350 or so #. It sucked.
  • Sled push, stacked with 90# not sure how much sled weighs.
  • 30# cmu curl
  • 25# tricep extension
  • Squat Lift and shoulder overs with 80# slam ball
  • Squat and wiggle the battle rope
  • 65# ruck squat thrusters (used ruck)
  • Sledge hammer on the tomb Raider tire
  • 130# farmer carry
  • Tire drag….. With cmu.

That was alot of rubber!

Who? Just kidding… We love Mary. Last 15 min or so we really focused on keeping  cores tight during all above exercises.
9 Pax, 1 Kotter (farva welcome back), barney, tremor, dial up, halpert, murse, rocket launcher, lochte, Speedy (qic)
Some good 3rd F in action recently. Keep up the good work guys.
Good to be back at the levee!