October 31, 2017

Halloween Massacre

AO: The Bermuda Triangle

QIC: Bruce

PAX: C-Lo, Soybean, Toms, Lipton, Shoestring, Gus, Cataract, Snookie, Outcast, Oz, Rabbit, Tiny, Raven, Slots, Bruce, and 5 FNGs (Flyer, Chaperone, Geppetto, Next, and Milkbone)

Conditions: Dry, gloomy, and 45F



Capri Lap

SSH IC x 13

Imperial Walkers IC x 13

Apollo Ono IC x 13

Finkle Swings IC x 13 (each leg)

Baby Arm Circle IC x 13 (CW & CCW)


TABATA (Monster)
Round 1 – Merkins

Round 2 – Squats

Round 3 – Burpees

Round 4 – Lunges

Round 5 – Dips

Round 6 – LBCs

Round 7 – SSH

Round 8 – Plank

Split into four groups with each group at a station. Four stations:

Station 1 – Overhead Squats x 31

Hold pumpkin overhead while performing squat.

Bearcrawl to next station

Station 2 – Mummy Jacks x 31 (4 count)

Hold arms straight out like a mummy. While kicking feet forward (alternating feet), perform scissors with arms. Perform on a 4 count.

Spidercrawl to next station

Station 3 – Bad Wolf x 31

Perform 4 regular mountain climbers = 1 rep, then 4 wide mountain climbers = 1 rep. Complete until 31 total reps.

Bearcrawl to next station

Station 4 – Skeleton Dance x 31

Touch thighs and ankles: right hand to left thigh, then left hand to right thigh, then right hand to left ankle, and left hand to right ankle. Then perform 3 SSH. That’s 3 reps. Repeat and perform until 31 reps.

Witch hop (jump squats with hands out in front like holding a broom) to beginning station

*mosey to original circle

TABATA (Back In Black)
Round 1 – Plank

Round 2 – SSH

Round 3 – LBCs

Round 4 – Dips

Round 5 – Lunges

Round 6 – Burpees

Round 7 – Squats

Round 8 – Merkins

Partner Sit-Ups x 31 (each partner) – use a coupon (we used pumpkins and cinderblocks)

Leg Lifts IC x 13

Russian Twists IC x 13 – use a coupon

Leg Lifts IC x 13

Partner Sit-Ups x 31 (each partner) – use a coupon



COT / BOM: Q shared some insight from Chuck Swindoll’s Rules for Running a Rewarding Race.  Q talked about how we all worry more than we should and that we cannot change the past nor can we predict the future.  Instead of worrying, we should put it in God’s hands and strive to make each day better than the last.


MOLESKIN: 20 PAX (5 FNGS! – Welcome Flyer, Chaperone, Geppetto, Next, and Milkbone!) showed for a Halloween Massacre and went home to strive to be better HIMs.