October 1, 2019

Half-Blast: Week of 9/30/19

Highlights:  Rainbow Warrior and Rainout VQs!  Dads and Donuts 2.0 workout at Mothership this Saturday! Tupelo Week 2 – need some HCs to travel. Aye!

Plant Tupelo:
Tupelo launched last Saturday. There are 5 more launch weeks left! We’re looking for your help. Give it away! Join #plant-tupelo in Slack and read here how you can help out: 

Dads and Donuts 2.0 Workout:
Saturday at Mothership –  Your 2.0s (boys and girls) get to join you for F3 Mothership! Bailout will bring plenty of Gibson’s Donuts. Everyone else bring your 2.0s and chocolate milk or orange juice. If you want to bring a couple of bucks for donuts, that’s cool too. If you didn’t come last time, we will work out. It will be kid friendly but still a beat down if you push yourself. If your 2.0 didn’t get a name already, be thinking of a name for them. You will give a 10 second name explanation during name-o-rama.

October 19th, 4pm. Rucking, beer, patches. Join #ruckers in Slack or follow Memphis Ruck Club on facebook.  

Eli Grow Legacy 8K Run/Walk/Ruck:
November 2nd, 11 AM (Tullahoma, TN). Supporting the Eli Grow Foundation. Several PAX went last year and had a great time.

1st F (Fitness) Schedule: Check out our locations here