August 25, 2020

Grumblestiltkins Was a Wee Bit Chippy This Morning


  • The Lair; 73 and balmy with a hint of fireplaces burning off the Collier-chill


  • Disclaimed


  • SSH x 25 IC
  • HI-KNEES + SSH had a baby x 25 IC


  • Let’s mosey
    • Run as a PAX to a nearby stop sign about .25 mile from Startex
      • 11’s was commenced:
        • PAX run OYO to 1st lightpole and do 5 BODY BAG BUILDERS (BBB) then do ALT SHOULDER TAPS (AST) until the 6 arrives and assumes AST then PAX recover as a unit
        • Repeat for 5 more lightpoles
      • Halftime:
        • PAX were asked to raise their hand if they disliked the BBB
          • Those 3 PAX (YHC included) who raised their hands ran 100 yds on MPF then 100 yds back to start
          • Those who did not raise their hand stayed behind and performed BBB AMRAP OYO until 3 PAX arrived
          • 3 PAX performed BBB while 6 PAX ran MPF
          • Rinse and Repeat x 3
      • 11’s was resumed:
        • Same as above but substituting Merkins for BBB
      • 4th Quarter:
        • PAX ran the length of nearby open field to the immediate left of eastern most MPF to finish by running up the local berm, aka Bear Mtn, Bearcrawl Mtn, Brokeback Bearcrawl Mtn, etc situated about 100 yds away:
          • 1st 50 yds=50% speed
          • 50-80 yds=80% speed
          • 80-100 to top of BCM=top end 100% speed wide-open willie nillie
        • PAX waited for all in then ran down BCM and back to start of this Qtr
        • Rinse and Repeat x 4
      • Mosey back to shovel flags


  • PARTLY CLOUDY SKY GAZERS x :38 until time expired


  • 9; Dial-Up, Pablo, Double Dare, Popeye, Utah, Wingnut, Harry Potter, fka Harry Potta, Slater and O Positive (YHC)



Forgive when it is needed and necessary not when it is convenient. YHC challenged the PAX to self-reflect on areas of our lives when/where we are frustrated with others when we are likely to object of the frustration but reflect that onto others. Look in the mirror and Get Right.


  • Grumblestiltkin was present and accounted for. Nobody loves the BBB. Pablo was back in the mix and glad to see that. We did work. Hard work. And got better. Together.


  • See: Preblast and remember The Bucket is this Sat and the TMF local event in September is being headed up by Double Dare who was peers with Travis Manion while at the Naval Academy.
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