October 13, 2020

GrowRuck 21 Reflections

THE SCENE:  Illuminated by street lights my minivan dodged potholes as I scoped out the dew covered gravel/asphalt/grass field that would be our ‘gym’ for the next 40 minutes.  Chioccetti pulled in before me and pre-ran some miles for his not-a-sport team challenge.  HIM

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Welcome, remember you volunteered for this.

WARM-O-RAMA:  Thrusters x 6 IC, Burpees x 6 IC.

THA-THANG:   Little mosey to the north with our CMUs.  stopped along side the volleyball field.

Two cones spaced approx. 300 ft apart. We put the CMU’s down at one cone lined up, spaced out, facing the opposite cone.  15 rounds of; sprint down to the opposite end, do 10 burpees, run back, do 10 thrusters.  40 minute time hack.

Total:  150 burpees, 150 thrusters, approx. 2 miles.

MARY:   Nope.

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  8 PAX; Crayfish, Chiocetti, Beauty Shop, Rabbit, Dawson, Altar Boy, Tomb Raider, Barnum

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:   Integrity.  A virtuous man.

This portion of PT was one of the hardest for me during GrowRuck 21 in Louisville.  Maybe it was because it was approx. 3 am and we had completed 9 plus hours of PT, rucking, and carrying/dragging steel, water, and sand for miles.  Maybe because we had to run across a freaking soccer field 30 times (Dawson and I’s squad had to do it 32 times due to a shovel flag hitting the ground).  Maybe it was because there were a lot of faster dudes than I who lapped me a few times.  Maybe it was because we had to wear masks while doing it and my sweat soaked smaugh made it impossible to breath.

I’m sure that was all part of the ‘suck’ but the reason why this was soo difficult for me was that I was the only one accountable for both my reps, my form, and my rounds.  About round 6 I began thinking “8 reps is good enough here” or “9 overhead presses = 10 thrusters, right?”.  Then by round 11 I thought “Hmm, I actually think I’m on round 12, yeah definitely round 12.”

You were accountable for you.  If you cheated, no one would know.  The lead guys finished and you could have just ‘finished’ too.  So for those last 4 or 5 rounds I thought about INTEGRITY and how making small ‘compromises’ corrupts.  Like gangrene, the small lies, cheats, and cut corners that we do in life spread like an infection and rot us on the inside.  Enough of these and we eventually cave in.  We then are no longer men but shadows taking up space and breath.

This wasn’t easy and it wasn’t meant to be.  This wasn’t social hour at the men’s club and it wasn’t supposed to be.  This was a slug fest in which each one of us decided to be virtuous men and not cheat.  I respect the PAX who did NOT make the time hack both this morning and early Sunday morning.  A few came up 9 thrusters short of Round 15 when time expired.

Yes, they didn’t finish.  Yes, they weren’t the first done.  However, they gained something more than the false glory we often compete for in the gloom.  They decided to be men of integrity and virtue and I love them for it.  These honorable personal decisions will benefit a man more than any medal won or name etched on a cheap plaque.

MOLESKIN:   T-Claps to Crayfish for maxing out the shocks in his sedan by bringing 12? CMUs to the Sandlot.  Dawson said this time around that workout wasn’t as bad.  Hahahah, I wonder why.  Beauty Shop modified by doing 10 Bonnie Blairs and 10 Squat jumps to avoid his wrist after surgery.  I’m certain he did more than 10 each as he stuck with me throughout.  All the PAX who finished up a few minutes early went back and ran with those who had not.  We attempted something similar at GrowRuck only to have the cadres order us back at rest.  One said, “Its not always a good thing to pick up the six.”  I’m still processing this but am beginning to see his point.  I believe he meant that sometimes you truly have to let a man struggle alone and that this too can and should be motivation.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Log those 156 overheads for the October challenge.  Have a blast in Utah Crayfish, get your hands better Hunter and Rebecca, prayers also for unspoken struggles.

Tomb Raider
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