January 19, 2018

They Grow Soybeans in Omaha

AO: The Barracks

PAX: Bookworm, Gus, Teacher’s Pet, Blue, Spock, Shoestring, Handsy, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Pirtle, Dewey, Soybean (QIC)

THE SCENE:  a crisp 25 degreez

YHC spent weeks preparing for today’s workout. The workout was dependent on a track clear of ice, snow, and other debris. YHC spent no time preparing an alternate workout in case said track was not clear of said ice, snow, and debris. YHC arrived at 0450 to find not only patches of ice on the track, but around 50 meters of track still totally covered in snow. These less-than-ideal and probably unsafe conditions put YHC in a tizzy.

Lesson: The Q should always be prepared. Some situations cannot be anticipated. Ice is easily anticipated. I should’ve had a back-up plan at the ready.

Thankfully, Gus showed up toward the end of my ruck and suggested two things:
1) Do the Army Physical Fitness Test in April/October, not January/July. (Good idea that would have been helpful a couple weeks ago!)
2) Run in the parking garage. Another good idea, and timely (for once!). SMH


SSH, Windmills, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Cotton pickers

Mosey to the parking garage. Backwards mosey up the first level, dodging ice and speed bumps. Sprint up next level. Lunge walk up next level. Power skipping. Suicides on one level 3x. Bear crawls. Etc. I honestly have no idea what all we did, but it lasted until 6:10. We kept moving, and hopefully the PAX were challenged. Mosey down the stairs and back to the track for Mary.

6”, Box Cutters, Bridge Hold, Baby Makers

11 PAX, no FNGs

YHC read the parable of the Good Samaritan, and encouraged the PAX to think of someone they have a hard time loving and do something loving for that person.

Be prepared for predictable circumstances. The Q is responsible for the outcome of his workout, regardless of the conditions.


  • Black Ops workout 8:30 TONIGHT at Tobey Park – Hitch on Q
  • On January 27, we’re doing a service project in lieu of our regular Saturday workout at the Mothership. We’ll be cleaning out a house near the Berm. The owner was forced to move until the house is cleaned. More info to come.