October 4, 2018

Grow Ruck 12 Nostalgia (no sand)

THE SCENE: Humid, some stars left us all longing for Fall October weather!

WARM-O-RAMA:  A bit different this morning; IW x ? OYO, Hillbillies x ? OYO, Arm Circles x ? OYO, Stretch OYO, Mosie 1 lap around bldg, Balls to the Wall 1 minute.

Sacrificed cadence for time spent talking about the 3 F’s, core principles, credo, and mission statement of F3 while doing the warm-up.

PAX began in a line along the parking lot facing the ‘berm’.

  • Crab walked feet first across the lot, up and over the berm, one PAX carrying a regulation weighted ruck sack in front.

Once at the top each PAX without the ruck grabbed a coupon and performed overhead squats x 10.  PAX with the ruck used this as the overhead coupon.

Jogged back to start, rinse and repeat switching the ruck down the line.

10 sets, 100 overhead squats total, sore tail bones, arms, legs = priceless

  • Mosey up to the field, COP around the end of the 30 m (approx.) rope used in GR 12 that led off ominously into the gloom. . . .

1 PAX grabbed the end of the rope and began pulling the line in which had a cinder block attached.  That PAX called out the exercise all others had to perform until the line was in:

1st set – Burpees

Once line was in, PAX 1 grabbed the loose end and all of us ran forward until the line was fully extended leaving the weighted end back where we started.

PAX 1 chose the next participant who likewise called out the next exercise:

2nd set – Merkins


No time left.  Do some core work before hitting the fartsack tonight!

7 PAX, no FNGs

We wore orange today in rememberance of one of our fallen brothers, Darth Visor.  Our prayers are with his wife, family and friends.

Yesterday Gus presented us with a list of questions that we often ask when a loved one passes.  I can’t recall all of them but the first one stuck out to me;  “Are you ready to die?”

A good question to ask if you are uncertain about your relationship with God, a higher power, your purpose in the universe, Jesus (both God and man), and your place in eternity.

However, I think a better question to ask is “Are you ready to live?”

We woke up today with breath in our lungs, a mission before us, and opportunities, don’t squander them.  To do so would be disrespectful and dishonest to the One who gives us life.

Therefore, from this breath to our last breath let us live a life worthy of the calling.  Live your life for our wives, our children, our friends, our communities, and to quote Four Eyes “those men who do not yet know they need this”.

When we begin to live out this truth we realize that ‘our’ lives were never really our own.

Though not quit a return to Crab Mountain, fire ants would have helped, the Berm was challenging enougth to induce good mumblechatter (especially from Gus and Snookie).  We carried each others ruck to make it harder but as Searcy pointed out correctly; the act was metaphorical also.

At 0528 it was Snookie and I.  A proposal to hit up Dunkin’ Donuts was made if no other PAX showed.  Seriously contemplated the suggestion.  Fortunately, Gus, Bailout, Searcy, Cataract, and Photoshop posted to refocus our weak minds back to Doing The Hard Thing (DTHT) in the gloom.  As my knees buckle to stand up from my office swivel chair, I am reminded that we need other men to challenge and encourage us to push our limits.

How does a man ‘know his limits’ if he doesn’t have a community around him to push those from time to time.  What one often realizes is that he is capable of accomplishing much more than what he once believed about himself.

Camping trip with the 2.0’s to Gus’s parents house next weekend.

2nd F lunch at 11:30, Arepas Deliciosas,  today!