November 15, 2017

Grab Bag All Q At the Old Forest

AO: The Old Forest


PAX: Gus, Slick Billy, Snookie, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Crayfish, Oz, Cargo, Four Eyes, Teacher’s Pet, Shoestring, Lazarus, Splice, PopStar, O Positive, Soybean, Phat Pat, Toms, Browns, Beauty Shop

Conditions: 50F and cool, with a Suspicious Blue Bag near the Shovel Flag…



Side-Straddle Hops x15IC

High Knees x15IC

Super Burpees x15IC

Combo Lunges x10/Leg

Mountain Climbers x15IC

The Thang

Grab Bag Game: Bag with random exercises & counts inside. PAX take turns shaking [closed] bag, blind-drawing an exercise, reading it aloud to the group, and replacing the exercise in the bag, and passing the bag to next PAX in circle. Q handles cadence/counting. The exercises were selected as follows:

Squat Jumps x20IC

ABC Abs x1IC

Alternating Side Plank Merkins x20 (1=1)

Reverse Run Lap x 1

Lunges x20(2=1)IC

Jackknives  x20IC

Carolina Drydocks x20IC

Alternating Spiderman Burpees x20 (1=1)

Reverse Run Lap x 1

Alternating Spiderman Burpees x20 (1=1)

Single-Leg Hip Thrust x20/LegIC

Alternating Spiderman Burpees x20 (1=1)

Reverse Run Lap x 1

3-Way Lunge x10/LegIC (3=1)

Lunges x20IC (2=1)

Alternating Side Plank Merkins x20 (1=1)

Jackknives  x20IC

Crunchy Frogs x40IC

Pickle Pounders x20IC

3-Way Lunge x10/LegIC (3=1)


Toe-Touch Crunches x20IC

Alternating Plank Toe-Touch x20IC

Inner Thigh Leg Raises x20IC/Leg

Plank Jax x20IC

Mountain Climbers x20IC



COT / BOM: Q Spoke of the call to include the 3rd F when the tendency to become satisfied with the first two sets in. Hebrews 10:24 says “And let us consider how to stir one another up to love and good works…” –this is how our Faith is demonstrated. Love and good works through Faith.

MOLESKIN: 45 minutes of SpiderMan-Burpee-Infested F3 with nineteen men