February 26, 2018

Gotta Get Up To Get Down

THE SCENE: The Barracks for some Rucksercise with 100% chance of #Cantore. Our buddy, Tim Simpson-Weatherman-did not disappoint.

Short and sweet.
Rucks on:
*SSH x20 IC
*”Trident” (*not yet submitted to F3 Nation for approval but I jacked it off Instagram)…hold plank:
a)left knee swing out
b)left knee towards chin
c)left knee swing in
*Repeat x10 IC
**Switch to Right knee
*Repeat x10 IC

Part 1:
(Rucks on)
*Ruck 1 lap on track:forward facing=.25 mile
**Rucks left on: Burpees x10 IC
*Ruck 1 lap:rear facing=.50 mile total
**Rucks left on: 8 count Body Builders x10 IC
*Ruck 1 lap:Shuffle=.75 mile total

**Rucks off: Merkins x20 IC; recover then put rucks back on
*Ruck 1 lap: forward facing=1.00 mile

***Mosey to YHC’s tailgate of Dodge Ram 1500 for coupon dispenser

Part 2:
*8 PAX divided up coupons (stumps, 25# jerry can, cinder block, tire)
*PAX divided into 2 columns and 4 rows
*Ruck until instructed by YHC to halt
**Upon halt command, PAX laid coupons down and moved forward in columns, 2 by 2, to assume the position of 2 PAX immediately ahead of them; 2 PAX in front fell back to rear of columns
*PAX resumed ruck throughout U of Memphis campus until ENDEX
***Total distance=1.25 miles
Part 3:
Coupons laid down and rucks off:
*Merkins x20 IC
*Merkins x15 IC
*Merkins x10 IC
*Merkins x5 IC
*Merkins x4 IC
*Merkins x3 IC
*Merkins x2 IC
*Burpees x10 IC (PAX didn’t see that coming)
*Merkin x1 IC

8: Bruce, Bombay, Toms, Soybean, Choker, Shoestring, O Positive (YHC) and 1 FNG (Che-Bang)
A lot of noise and drama happening in the world these days (gun control, Russia, (fill in blank here). We men of F3 should look at our lives and where our attention drifts and consider if we need to re-focus on leading our families and snuff out the noise. YHC challenged the PAX to analyze ourselves and make the necessary modifications. Our communities need strong men. Strong leaders. Strong husbands. Strong fathers.

PAX prayers lifted up.
No amount of cantore was going to rain out the enthusiasm of these PAX. This AO is solid with leadership and ammenities.
*2/24/Sat=0400 Ruck #formilez and 0815 V.A.P.E. session to follow 0700 BC
F3 Memphis men. Better together.