July 2, 2018

Got Our Kicks on Route 66

THE SCENE: Too hot for 0530.  On pace to hit “Why do I live in Memphis” temperatures by mid-morning.  But at least it was crazy humid.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self.

SSH x20 (10 IC and 10 silent)
–10 Penalty burpees OYO, because as Captain Obvious pointed out last week, math is hard.
Windmills x10 IC
Baby Arm Circles x10 IC each direction

This morning we took a few trips down Route 66.  PAX were instructed to partner up with someone that they did not know prior to joining F3.

The road from the back of the park out to the Veterans Memorial has 19 light poles along it.  We started at a big tree in the parking lot (point 1) and did 1 rep of an exercise.  Then we ran to the first light pole (point 2) and did 2 reps.  Every odd pole after that became stops 3-11, for 3-11 reps.  Total reps for one circuit = 66.  PAX were also given a discussion assignment for each circuit in order to get to know their partner a little better.

Circuit 1:  Exercise=burpees; discussion=first car
Circuit 2:  Exercise=BBSU; discussion=favorite movie
Circuit 3:  Exercise=squats; discussion=favorite band/artist
Circuit 4:  Exercise=merkins; discussion=favorite tv show

Circuit 1 was as described in the paragraph above.  Circuit 2 was the same path in reverse.  At the completion of Circuit 2 I realized that we would not have time to complete a second set along the same path, so Circuits 3 and 4 utilized the 11 light poles along the main Morg entrance.

PAX held plank as a group while each person reported on what they had learned about their partner during their road trips.  Halfway through sharing time, we switched to flutter kicks.

14 PAX (2 FNG): Green Monster, Zima, Sleep Number, Carport, Wall Builder, Granola, Orange Julius, Slim Shady, Woodpecker, G-String, Puck (FNG), Animal (FNG), Fleabag, Choker (QIC).

From this week’s QPoint on Trust:

“Reliance is the heart of Trust. For a Team to be Dynamic, the Members must implicitly and fully rely upon each other to Competently perform their part of the Team’s Mission-essential Tasks. It is not enough for a man to tell his Team Members that he can do his job. They have to see the man in action under stress for reliance to build.

The most efficient method to gauge the strength of something is to stress test it under a controlled environment to find the point at which it breaks. We do this with a footbridge by jumping up and down on it at a point where it spans a place that won’t kill us if we break through. If a bridge can hold the jumping-me ten feet over the ground, then I assume I can rely upon it to hold the walking-me fifty feet over the gorge.

F3 has an acronym for the dirty, dangerous and difficult things we do to build Trust. We call them CSAUPs, which stands for Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless. This is satirical on our part because a CSAUP is neither stupid nor pointless, it is a very efficient way to share pain. A CSAUP can be an obstacle race or a GORUCK challenge or anything else that provides the opportunity for dirt, danger and difficulty. Completing it together tells the participants something about themselves and each other—that they are men upon whom others may safely rely.”

PAX were encouraged to take advantage of the CSAUP coming our way in September – GrowRuck.

Zima and Woodpecker kept complaining about how sore they were from some little walk they took Friday night.  Big babies.

Prayers were requested and lifted up for the son of G-String’s neighbor who recently attempted to commit suicide.  Please add this young man and his family to your personal prayer list.

Neverland AO launches tomorrow!  #giveitaway

4th of July Convergence on Wednesday – Ruckership at 0500, workout at 0600 at the Mothership.  All other AOs will be closed.