August 26, 2019

Goodbye, for now

THE SCENE: Nearly two dozen of F3 Memphis’ finest, a truly humbling sight.

welcomed and disclaimed we amigos.

•15 Daisy Pickers

•2:00 Plank

•Bring Sally sup challenge. Everyone holds a low-low plank, meaning you hold the bottom position in a merkin. Every time ‘bring sally up’ is said we’d extend into the top of a merkin and when ‘bring sally down’ is said we’d bring it back down into the bottom half of a merkin.

•25 Seated In and Outs IC

•1:00 of knee to elbow planks

•1:00 of alternating planks

•Blast Offs for 50 meters (hold the bottom of a squat, exploding into a hop almost like a frog hop)

•sprint the 50 meters back

•20 Sit Thru’s

•Partner carry for 50 meters (partners swap and repeat)

•10 up downs, running in place then doing the up down on my command

•50 shoulder taps IC

•75 LBCs IC

•30 In and Outs

•1:00 of Blast Offs

•1:00 of Bicycle Crunches

•1:00 of of Flutter Kicks (9 counts IC)

•1:00 of Seated In and Outs

•Bear Crawl 50 meters and sprint back

The Bring Sally Up challenge utilizing squats this time.
20 PAX- Rosetta Stone, Topanga, Zima, Gymshorts, Potter, Wall Builder, Flobee, Sleep Number, Orange Julias, Choker, Soulja Boy, Esquire, Beetus, Ice Cube, Teachers Pet, Woodpecker, Carport, Birds Are Real, Tomb Raider and Commie.

plus one Irish goodbye-Sputnik

Words cannot adequately describe how much F3 and how much you guys mean to me. Prior to F3 I just sat around playing video games all day, after 17 months with y’all, the impact y’all have had on me has been immense. Thank you all for letting some kid come and be with such a solid group of men, who are true HIMs. Sincerely, thank you. I’m going to miss you guys more than anything else.
The PAX of this organization is truly amazing. The best I’ve ever seen and their ability to laugh and joke during hard moments are always humbling. Everyone was a serous stud duck.
F3 is truly amazing, the HIMs are even more so, God bless you all and God bless America, FREEDOM ON!