January 12, 2021

Good Posture

THE SCENE: I passed no less than 4 electronic signs on my trip westbound reminding me that the temperature outside was 25 degrees. I arrived extra early to scope out the Memphis Skate Park.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Done quickly.


  • [10x HRM IC + 15x SSH IC] x3
  • 15x Slow Imperial Walker IC


  • Mosey (0.4mi) to skate park
    • Regular jog
    • Side Shuffling (~0.25)
  • Evolution #1: 13s? (we probably did 80-100 climb ups, 40-50 merkins, and 10-20 dry docks)
    • Merkins and Carolina Dry Docks
    • 10x Climb ups between “exercises”
      • The skate park has some ~6 and ~8 foot curved walls (quarter pipes). You picked a wall and ran up, hoisted yourself up, and then lowered yourself back down. Works lats/triceps a lot, a little core, and heart.
  • Evolution #2: Reverse Super 21s (kinda)
    • 21 step ups + 21 dips
    • 20 step ups + 20 dips
    • 19 step ups + 19 dips
    • 18 step ups + 18 dips
    • The original plan was box jumps but there was a fair bit of ice atop the boxes.
  • Jog back with 2 x 20 second sprints.


  • Capt’ Thor: 1 BBSU to 4 American Hammers > 10:40 IC
  • 15x Shoulder Taps IC
  • 35x Flutter Kicks IC

6: Altar Boy, Crayfish, Hobo (QIC), Landline, Millennial, Ricky Bobby (AOQ)


I can still remember a handful of compliments I’ve received over the years, primarily because they were from people whose opinion I respected or whom weren’t lavish with their compliments. In college, my friend Simon told me I had good posture while I was sitting at my dorm room desk. Now, when I find myself slouching at the dinner table, I sit back up straight and tell myself “you’ve got good posture”. 

Tell one person today, even this morning, that you appreciate them and why or perhaps find something to compliment them on that they might not have heard.

I don’t like complicated counting schemes so I’m not sure why I tried to Q them today. Next time, I’ll keep the counting simple. I thoroughly enjoyed climbing the wall today. It feels like a very functional movement by getting your body up and over an obstacle.

The Bauer is Friday and Saturday night!

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