May 24, 2019

Golden Spiral of Pain at the Annex

THE SCENE: Room temperature, if someone dropped a bucket of steamed towels in the room. Kinda warm, kinda humid.


SSH IC x 20
Windmills IC x 20
Sonic cleared Dodge Charger Zone 2 and joined us and was disclaimed.
Daisy Pickers IC x 20
Hillbillies IC x 20

We did the first ever (until I’m told otherwise) Fibonacci Workout! We spelled Fibonacci with Exercises, incorporating numbers from the Fibonacci Sequence. Real Quick Nerd alert!
The most beautiful nerds check the Alt Text.
The Fibonacci sequence approximates the dimensions for a spiral shape commonly found in nature. The first number is 1, the second number is 1, and every subsequent number is the sum of the previous 2 numbers. 1+1=2 , 2+1=3, 3+2=5, and so on. Props to the M for helping me build this with the Exicon. We did:

  • 1 Flutterkick (2 is 1, so it’s not that dumb)
  • 1 Indian Run, around the place where the books were (I miss them), to the south, left at the tree (nannerheads know it), up to the tennis court.
  • 2 Burpees
  • 3 Obamas, a bear crawl, and every 4 hand moves you do 4 merkins, in honor of the 44th.
  • 5 Nadals, Named for Rafael Nadal, where we run the perimeter of a Tennis court.
  • 8 Agassis, Named for Andre Agassi, and it’s suicides on a Tennis court. We were getting smoked on running by then, so each leg of a suicide counted as 1.
  • 13 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 21 Crunchy Frogs, Start in a v-sit, hugging your knees, then quickly fly all your limbs out and bring them back in.
  • 34 Imperial Walkers
    At this point we finished round one! So, what’s another F exercise that uses the number 55?

I use this site way too much, probably.

  • A Four hundred and Fifty-Five meter run to the gazebo!
  • 89 Inverted rows. This is when things got awful.
  • Bolt 144s, that’s deconstructed squats, 48 standing to halfway, 48 half to all down, 48 full squats.
  • 233 seconds of Overhead claps. Thanks to Chuck E. Cheese for correcting my math when setting my alarm. You win the number 159.
  • 377 Nolan Ryans, a side plank, with the top arm punching under the gap. For context: First Ten Seconds of this
    A few minutes into beating up Robin Ventura (and explaining the finer points of historic sports violence to Gomer), it was time to mosey down for Mary. No D&D, but Grimace still found some loot on the way.

LBCs IC x 20
BBSs IC x 13

Sonic (shouting from his car), Gun Show, Gomer, Chuck E. Cheese, Grimace (AOQ), Roomba (QIC)

Tomorrow marks YHC’s 1-year of being in F3. The Fibonacci Sequence and Spiral is associated with optimal growth in Nature, and I feel like this past year has been some of my most optimal growth as a Man. I take on harder tasks, I take more initiative with my family, friends, and work. I’ve done a lot of Hard things that have no immediate value, like earning a banana flag signature, GORUCK, and want to shoot for more things that are hard and have no reason. If you can do something hard for no reason, you’ll be better equipped to do challenging things that have a purpose in your life. I encourage all PAX to keep doing the hard things that make everything else doable.

Prayers for Physical Recoveries, Family problems, and that all the Kids out for summer make good choices.

Mumblechatter was pretty low, except for valid complaints about the higher rep exercises. I think everyone’s gonna take a break from math… or squatting easily… or arm lifting for a while. Why do these nerdy Qs end up being very arduous? Guess I’ll have to do more to gather data. I’m liking having Gun Show and Gomer out here as regulars, enjoyed meeting Charles Entertainment Cheese, and am looking forward to Sonic raising the bar as he can post more often now that school is out!

Grimace did great as a stand-in AOQ for Speedy. The universe agreed and rewarded him with the aforementioned loot! A working Bluetooth Speaker left in the parking lot! PLC was had with some classic 80s music, but now Bring Sally Up will likely be a MORE common staple of upcoming Grimace Qs. -_-

Memorial Day Convergence at the Barracks. Murph (a lot of hard exercises) at 5AM, Workout at 6AM, 5-mile Speed Ruck at 7AM, COT to follow, featuring name of the fallen family members within our community. Come for some or all.