August 22, 2019

Going Metric!

THE SCENE: 25°C and muggy but it’s been worse
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Work hard, don’t die

SSH (IC) X 10*
Imperial Walker (IC) X 10*
Hillbilly (IC) X 10*
Daisy picker (IC) X 10*
*sets of 10s today for the metric system

Intro to the Burpometer (Metric version of the Merkin Mile). 1 km and 100 Burpees.

  • Mosey 100M and do 10 burpees
  • Mosey 100M and do 10 burpees – you already use the metric system (weapons, film, protein grams, “clicks” in the military)
  • Mosey 100M and do 10 burpees – 0°-100° ice-water-gas (makes much more sense than 32°-212°)
  • Mosey 100M and do 10 burpees – it’s easy to remember “30’s warm, 20’s nice, 10 is cold and 0 is ice”
  • Mosey 100M and do 10 burpees – it’s objective (one ten-millionth of the distance from the North Pole to the equator as it passed along a meridian of Paris (don’t worry, we like French things: wine, food, etc)) not subjective, like a foot 
  • Mosey 100M and do 10 burpees – a monk created the system, Napoleon spread it, the US is the only industrialized nation to use it (Myanmar, Libera, also)
  • Mosey 100M and do 10 burpees – Officially adopted as an approved system for measurement by the U.S. in? Searcy: the 60’s? Correct. 1866 (one less burpee for you (he did it anyway to get to 100) we’ve done 60 burpees, how many meters have we run? Hot n Ready: 600 meters!, much easier to convert centimeters and meters than inches, feet and yards
  • Mosey 100M and do 10 burpees – sometimes we resist something good because we are used to doing things another way. we need to be open to truth we don’t understand
  • Mosey 100M and do 10 burpees – The Treaty of the Meter (1875) led by TC Mendenhall (memphis? maybe? maybe not)
  • Mosey 100M and do 10 burpees – some push back against the metric system saying it is un-American. We use it all the time. Heard before: Two kinds of countries; those that use the metric system and those that put a man on the moon. (Not so fast! what system does NASA use?!)
  • Hit the Gym for “10’s” Pull-ups and dips – a guy asked if we were the Cinderblock Guys, i said more like Cinderella.
  • Mosey another kilometer, back around the track and over some grass to Endex

No time
6 (0) MUDPANTS (Q) , Searcy, Lipton, Hot N Ready, Feta, Black Widow (Nashville) (Despite the growing tension between Memphis and Nashville, Black Widow was welcomed and bit no one. He did say: Memphis is legendary! (Aye sir!, Aye!)
Your measurement system in life is not as important to be open to new ways of being. God’s truth is eternal but how we interpret it is influenced by our ethnicity, culture, heritage, age, etc. Being open to others allows us to learn about ourselves and them creating a society where we can confidently express what we believe to be absolutely true, but also challenges us to be humble about what we do not know. Find what is essential to you and hold fast. Hold the non-essentials of life with an open hand. Augustin said: Unity in the essentials, Diversity in the Non-essentials, Charity in all.

Praises were offered for an unborn child, for the slight dip in temperature and for some of the little things that would be big if we did not have them: a bed, a car, water, etc.

Should have made the dips be Merkins to make it harder.
Berm Anniversary tomorrow.