November 18, 2019

Go forth and MULTIPLY

THE SCENE: Chilly but crisp and clear….great way to start the week.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER – disclaimed

SSH x 20

Daisy x 15

IW X 15

Arm Circles X 10 each way


  • Merkin mile – stopped 5 times – different versions of Merkins
  • Stopped at the Gym
    • Pull ups X 10
    • Merkins X 25
    • Bobby Hurley X 25
    • WW1 sit ups X 25
  • Mosey to start X
    • Multiply – partner workout – one runs around the building while other performs exercises
    • M – Mountain Climbers
    • U – Up Downs
    • L – Lunges
    • T – The Lion King
    • I – Incline Press on the hill
    • P – Pickle Pounder
    • L – Love Handle Crushers
    • Y – Yul Bryners

Unfortunately we only made it to Incline press….

MARY – American Hammer, Flutter
8 PAX – Beauty Shop, Photo Shop, Ups, Paper Trail, Pop Tart, Alamo, Hot N Ready, Laettner (QIC)
Are you a multiplier or a diminisher? – The idea is that Multipliers invest in those around them to make everyone better and strive for greatness. Diminishers find ways to bring people down and focus on the negative. We should strive to focus on peoples positive attributes and not always try to fix weaknesses. Everyone has strengths and we need to focus on those.  Be a MULTIPLIER!
Prayed for Amy (Photoshops mother in law) and for TaTonga to find his way back to F3.
Convergence at the BERM on Thanksgiving…come out and bring something good to share.  Bruce is building a fire….