January 25, 2018

Glory Days on the Grid Iron

The Scene: The Lair

PAX: O Positive, Pops, Billy Blanks, Brady and YHC showed up bright and early to get their Vitamin B3 (Big Backseat Beatdown), + 1 FNG (Rooster)

Conditions: Upper 20s and clear. Perfect burpee weather.




Short Mosey to football fields
SSH IC x15
Imperial Walkers ICx20
Little arm circles IC x 20
Big arm circles in reverse IC x20
High Knees 10 yards + High leg kicks 10 yards
Karaoke 30 yards
Football shuffle (backpedal, slide shuffle and sprint) 50 yards
50 yard sprint + 100 yard light jog

The Thang:

10 body squats at goal line – bear crawl transport 10 yards.
9 body squats – bear crawl 10 yards
(Continue to Midfield) + 50 yard sprint
10 burpees
Sprint back to midfield
5 body squats – bear crawl 10 yards….4…3…2…1 etc.
10 burpees

10 merkins at goal line – lunge walk transport 10 yards
9 merkins – lunge walk 10 yards
(Continue to midfield) + 50 yard sprint
10 burpees
Sprint back to midfield
5/4/3/2/1 to goal line
10 burpees


Partner circuit:  big boy situps + 10 yard sprints and 20 mountain climbers (Rotate through cycle to midfield and sprint back)
20 flutter kicks
Chaser sprints 100 yards for some last minute cardio




YHC talked with PAX about having a positive approach to everything we do – be it work, family life/parenting, physical fitness, F3, ministry, etc. The saying “success breeds happiness” has always been assumed true but is being disproven by the psychology community. In reality – the inverse is true: happiness breeds success. PAX who enter every field of their life with an attitude of giving and gratitude will see rewards and will be high-functioning, more successful HIM. Take time out of every day to find something to be thankful for, and take time to give something of yourself to others. Success comes after a positive disposition. Success is the byproduct of a clear, positive, productive mindset, not the cause of it.


Enjoyed my VQ with five other guys who were ready to get after it and do work. YHC was energized knowing what lie ahead in the gloomy beatdown – couldn’t sleep last night thinking about it and woke up like a kid on Christmas morning ready to pound brothers into the dirt and help them get better. Lost FNG after the Vitamin B3 was distributed and were worried merlot was being splashed somewhere on the cold Collierville pavement. Turns out his extended leave was a result of shoddy, unclean park bathroom. Will be reaching out to local civic authorities to voice concerns. Police came by at end of beatdown – PAX were concerned a noise violation had been reported by park neighbors due to shining glow sticks and rock and roll music blaring at 5:30 am. Turns out law enforcement officer was looking for an elderly man who was lost. We informed officer that O-Positive was well and accounted for, but apparently was canvassing area for different senior citizen. Thankfully, both the FNG and senior citizen were found and are unharmed as of this writing.


Service project this Saturday in lieu of Mothership BC.  Meet at the Berm at 0650 Saturday morning for instructions on how to help carry some of Ms. Bailey’s burden and get back in her house.