August 14, 2018

Global Warming is Real and it Burns!

THE SCENE:  A quiet mist hung on the Berm as the gloom welcomed the coming burn.


Mosey around parking lot, Side Straddle Hop 4 count 20 IC, Tappy Taps 15 IC, Arm Circles 15 forward and back OYO, Sprinkler 20 IC


  • Global Warming: Al Gore position and shuffle to the right till Q calls out exercise, then back to Al Gore shuffling to the left till next exercise.  Wash and repeat. Exercises:  Merkins 10 OYO,  Burpees 10 OYO, LBC 20 OYO, Merkin Jacks 10 OYO, Shoulder Taps 10 IC, American Hammer 4 count 20 IC, Bobby Hurley 20 OYO
  • Mosey to the bars for 7s – Pull ups and Dips
  • Mosey to the field for wheelbarrows Partner 1 from base line to the cone, Partner 2 back to base line x2
  • Mosey back to the lot for La La Leggy x10 before Mary

Hello Dolly x 10 IC, Monkey Crunches x 20 OYO, Isometric Glute Bridge 30 count, Reverse Crunch x 20 OYO, just enough time for one Dealer’s Choice and Tomb Raider graciously, and enthusiastically selected ABCs IC.
15 PAX – Transplant (VQ), Popeye, Houdini, Snooki, Laettner, Searcy, Speaker, Tomb Raider, Ups, Veggie Tales, Dr Scholls, Sno Cone (FNG), Boucher (FNG), Reznor (FNG), Rapunzel (FNG)
Every encounter we have every day is an opportunity to model grace, kindness, joy, basically to “let your light shine before others” Matt 5:16.

Counting in cadence is tough while sucking wind, but this is all about stretching ourselves and stepping up to the challenge.  Excited to have completed my VQ!


Anniversary workout and potluck this Saturday, 7am at Shelby Farms