October 29, 2020

Get Your Gun Show Tickets!

Scene: Gloomy Fall morning for Brothers to gather!

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer: Done.

Warm-O-Rama: Merkins x 20, SSH x25,15 imperial walkers


Indian Run with a twist – PAX did lunges instead of running while carrying CMU for 10 min

Full Body Workout – Hip Hop Playlist for motivation

Squats w/ CMU x 15
BBS w/ CMU x 10
Curls w/ Dumbbells x 30
Shoulder Press x 15
Sandbag Sprint to playground X 10 Pull-ups

Rinse and Repeat for 15 min

Arms/Back/Legs Burn

15 Tricep Ext w/ CMU
10 Rows w/ Sandbag
10 Total Body Lift w/ dumbbells( It has a F3 Exicon but I can’t remember the name)
10 Curls w/ CMU
10 Skull Crushers

Rinse and Repeat for 10 min


FM x20
Merkins x20
LBC x20
Merkins x20

COT: Forgiveness – Every person struggles with forgiving others. I struggle with forgiving my father for our relationship right now. Our relationship has struggled since my mother passed four years ago but I must forgive him for not wanting a relationship. I need to forgive and move on. We must forgive others for our mental health.

Prayer Request: Rocket Launchers daughter traveling to state championship/ Nature Boy’s Family

Workout Date: