February 13, 2018

Get up, get down. Get in, get out.

THE SCENE:  Cold?  Low 30s hardly feels cold these days.


I’m not a professional
You are here because you want to be, and you accept all risks involved
No one is getting paid or paying to be here
You are responsible for your body and its well-being, so modify as needed
Push yourself


SSH x 15 IC
Apollo Ohno’s x 10 IC
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC
Standing Backstroke x 10 IC

Partner up.  Partner 1 grab CMU.  Mosey north to bleachers.

Pull-ups AMRAP.  Partner 2 grab CMU.  Mosey north to skate park.


Get up.  Get down.

Having set down the CMUs, Partners find a barrier/raised ledge to work on.  (I’m not a skateboarder, so I have no clue what these things are called.)

Set 1:  Perform Incline Merkins x 10 on raised ledge.  Flip over and perform Dips x 10.  Repeat set 5 times.

Set 2:  Box Jumps x 20.

Set 3:  Place feet on raised ledge and perform Derkins x 10.  Lower feet to ground and perform Carolina Dry Docks x 10.  Repeat set 5 times.

Hold plank variation (decline, standard, incline) until all in.  (Gus and Sir Mix-a-Lot finished Set 3 first, so YHC “suggested” they hold a decline plank.  Like bosses, they complied.  T-Claps, gents.)

Set 4:  Step-ups x 20 (10 each leg).

Get in.  Get out.

Relocate CMU and circle up around skate park bowl.  Partner 1 climbs down into bowl then gets back out.  Do this 5 times while Partner 2 curls the CMU.  Partners then switch.  Repeat set 3 times.

As teams finish, get on your six, legs hanging out over the bowl.  Four Eyes and Gus led the PAX in some Mary until all in.

Once all out of the bowl, roll over on your stomach, legs hanging in the bowl.  Leg raise and hold for 15 count.  Arms up for Superman 15 count.  Relax.  Legs back up for 10 count.  Arms up for Superman 10 count.

Recover.  Burpess x 10 OYO.

Partner 2 grab CMU.  Mosey back to bleachers.

Pull-ups AMRAP.

Partner 1 grab CMU.  Mosey back to Start.  Return CMUs and circle up for Mary.


LBFK (Little Baby Flutter Kicks) x 10 IC

Dr. W’s IC until Endex.  (Thanks to Four Eyes for the demonstration.)


12 PAX, 3 FNG.  Osh Kosh (FNG), Syllabus (FNG), Father Abraham (FNG), Bookworm, Crayfish, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Soybean, Moth Balls, MmmBop, Gus, Four Eyes, Toms


YHC listened to a sermon the other day about idols.  Mis-prioritized loves in which we place our hope, identify, purpose, and worth.  YHC has felt restless and burdened by dreams of late, and the sermon reminded me that family is an easy idol in my life.  Regardless of your idol, it will let you down.  It could let you down in your 30s or your 60s, but it will fail you.  All good and lovely things have their place beneath the authority of Christ in our lives.  If we place things above God, he in his grace and mercy will allow us to come to the end of ourselves to recognize our need for him.  YHC encouraged the PAX be mindful of the idols in their lives and work to surrender those sooner rather than later.

Prayers for loved ones and family in struggle and the impact it is having and can have on the kids in our life.  Prayers for Kingsbury highschool students and a loss in Crayfish’s wife’s family from drug overdose.  Praise and thanksgiving for Micah’s scans.


YHC did not expect 14 PAX to show for Turnt Tobey Tuesday.  A pleasant surprise that made for a beautiful morning of struggle and unity.