December 12, 2019

Get the Ruck Up! or as Zima would say, “Those aren’t army crawls, get your butt down!”

THE SCENE:  A cold silent ride to the NE Kingdom in my plastic/aluminum composite Minivan steed.  Thankfully, Jiggly Puff and Chaperone were pre-rucking and greeted us with week old FNG smiles before riding away pre-BC.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: YHC (topless with St. Jude medal around neck); “Welcome to F3 where bonds of Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith are formed in the crucible of shared suffering.  I am a professional archaeologist and you are not.  I am getting paid to Q today with a tasty treat from Crave, you are not.  Modify as necessary but don’t or you will be judged and critiqued on improper form. You can sue me but will lose more money via litigation costs than you will gain squeezing my meager bank account.”  . . . . or something like this.

WARM-O-RAMA:   Get those rucks up!  SSHs x 15 IC, But kicks x 15 IC, High Knees x 15 IC, Bear crawl 20 meters, Army Crawl back

THA-THANG:   Objective Ruck 2 Miles @ 15 min/mile pace, complete two 5 minute beatdowns.

  • Zima led us in a brisk (13.8 min/mile pace) for 1 mile through the rain sleet.
  • 1st 5 minute beatdown:  8 ct body builders x 10 IC, shoulder taps x 10 IC, Overhead press x 10 IC, Bear crawl 20 m, Army crawl 20 m back.
  • Zima proceeded to lead us in our second mile (way under a 15 min/mile pace)
  • 2nd 5 minute beatdown: High plank 30 secs, bear crawl 20 m, army crawl back

MARY:   Flutter kicks x 15 IC, American Hammers x 15 IC, J-Lo x 10 IC

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:   5 PAX, 0 FNGs; Zima, Soulja Boy, Bobsled, Beef Log, Tomb Raider


Surround yourself with people who speak the Hard Truth, strive to become someone who speaks the Hard Truth.

A week prior to the St. Jude Marathon Zima calls out those on Team Micah who had not raised a single dollar toward their and Team Micah’s fundraising goal.  I was one of those.  My first thoughts were defensive, “Man, this is my first time. Jeez, I don’t know how to set up my profile page.  I’m not on facebook/instagram/twitter.  I hate asking folks for money.  This guy is a jackass.” . . .  After 20 minutes; “Wow, St. Jude’s Marathon is about raising money for kids with cancer.  St. Jude’s marathon isn’t about me ‘surviving’ a 13.1 mile run.  Jeez, I’m the jackass.”

Action: I set up my profile page, shot off emails to my colleagues, friends, and family, and bribed my M to share my donation link on her social media.  In a few days kind unselfish people had donated $300.

Take aways:  Selfishness and pride bogs you down.  I’m still a jackass.  Lean on those who aren’t afraid to speak the Hard Truth.  Become someone who speaks the Hard Truth.

That ground was a lot colder than I thought.  Army crawling with a ruck on through mud puddles and sleet is a laughable matter.  Zima’s choppy step technique is impossible for me to keep up with without jogging.  And above all:   Do not ruck topless.  The hard canvas material, though durable, is not good on the bare skin as my scabs will attest.

Finally, one has a higher probability of losing one’s car keys during the BC than someone stealing your car.  Leave your keys on your tire or buried in the ground under a rock.  (Soulja Boy)

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Prayers for Beef Log’s minor procedure.  Prayers for a family in a health crisis.  Get those presents for single moms to me before Sunday!

Tomb Raider
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