January 26, 2018

Get Off My Lawn LAX Bros

THE SCENE: The Levee
Side straddle hops x15 IC 4 Ct
Squats x15 IC 4 Ct
SL RDL x12 IC 4 Ct

Mosey/Calisthenics to big parking lot

Line up at the goal line of practice field/lot

*Active rest while waiting on all PAX to return. Start together each time
-50 yd sprint then jog back
-100 yd tempo then jog back
-20 yd sprint then jog
-50 yd sprint then jog
-100 yd tempo run then jog

Courtsey lunge x15 each leg

1 min of Push up alternating with side straddle hop

20 yd Squat and hop
Rinse and repeat

Start at beginning and stop every 10 yards for 60 total yards

-10 yd sprint, 5 push ups length of football field
-10 yd sprint, 5 squats length of football field

Hopping partner calf raises—1 min each calf, switching in between

-100 yd sprint
-rinse and repeat
Rinse and repeat with highest speed

Mosey back to skate park

SL hip bridge x 15 IC Each leg
Windshield wipers x 6-10 count
Pickle pounders x15

8 PAX, 0 FNG

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: YHC talked about Proverbs 2:1-5. We can’t do life on our own. We should be searching for God fervently like in verse 4. Wisdom comes from God so we have to seek him to obtain it. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. F3 is great because we are developing community and friendships. Work on taking away your pride and be real with each other.
Prayer Requests-Teacher’s Pet Grandma passed away this morning. Pray for traveling mercies and his family now that she is with Jesus.
Pop’s-Sister in law and nephew are coming in from east TN.
Nature Boy- Safety for son’s wrestling tournament this week
Tiny-Mom is going through a rough patch and healing

MOLESKIN: The group worked hard when we had to take an Omaha first thing once a HS practice was taking over the field so we went to the parking lot. While it was frustrating, we moved on so we did not waste any time. We kept moving and learned that cardio comes in more than just running. It was a privileged to Q.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Service project in leu of the boot camp on Saturday. Look at the website for any questions.