January 23, 2018

Get off my lawn


Side Straddle Hopsx 25 4 cadence count
Imperial walkers (standing opp knee opp elbow twist) 20 IC 4 CT
Freedoms twists (plank and twist) x20 IC 4 CT
Push-ups x10, IC 4 CT
Tempo Squats x 15, IC 4 CT

Bench jumps—30 sec
Inverted Pull up— 30 sec

Rinse and repeat
Rinse and repeat

Mosey to playground for Partner sets

-100 push ups (p1 does 10 while p2 plank jacks; 100 Total for group)
-100 sit-ups (p1 does 10 while p2 holds 6 in; 100 total for group
-100 squats (p1 does 10 while p2 holds al gore; 100 total for group

Set up a 20 area (Due to most likely numerous complaints, YHC used the soft playground area)

-Partner carry one lap each
-10 Lunges each leg in place then lunge walk to opp side and rinse and repeat back to start
-Skalded dawgs-down on right leg, back on left leg
-Star gazer crawl down, Army crawl back

Crunchy frog x 10 IC 4 ct
Windshield wipers
Reverse Crunches (Diaper Changes) x 20 OYO
6 in and hold until Phat Pat called 6:15

Insert PAX Count: 9

Q: Billy Blanks

PAX: Cowbell, Slots, Phat Pat, Pirtle, Teacher’s Pet, Moana, Mr. Clean, Captain Obvious

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Owning our decisions is very important. Talked about Deborah and the general from Judges 4. It is important to listen to God’s call and figure out what His plan is, because our life is not about us. Our decisions also affect our families and friends. We must think of others and accept if we make the best decision or even a bad consequence from our pride. Challenge is to put an action to it this week. Who is someone you can help? Doesn’t have to be money or time, a simple note or voice of encouragement could work wonders.
Prayer Requests–Dirty Deed’s wife-sick and in ICU
Blake-Best friend baby was born on Monday night
Phat Pat- His dad is still struggling and lost his job

MOLESKIN: While it was not the most strenuous workout, we worked together and made it through our time of fitness. It was a please getting to fellowship while embracing the suck. Phat Pat tried to make friends with some skaters who were at the park at 5:30 am who were up to no good. They fled when they did not want to workout. Keep working and next time, I won’t go easy on the wet field.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Service project instead of BC this weekend. Meet at the Berm