October 1, 2019

Fun with Tires

THE SCENE:  Beautiful morning, streets lights were all out., it was dark, Stripes couldn’t find us.

Get the juices flowing with: 30 SSH IC, 25 Imperial walkers IC,   20 Sprinklers IC,   15 Goofballs  (CHECK the exicon if you don’t know),   10 burpees OYO,   5 best stretch ever
Mosey to the rugby field – at this point we yelled at Stripes and he joined the PAX.  No penalty burpees assessed as it was his first post to the sandlot and it is kinda hard to find, esp as all the streetlights were out.    Had uneven numbers, so grabbed one  big tire, one smaller tire.  this took time to get in place

Field was pre-marked with beautiful cones adorned with barely visible glow sticks (thanks for nothing dollar tree) in 25 yard increments.

4 men on the big tire, 2 on the smaller one.

Tire flips to 25 Yards, then 100 box jumps per tire group, split evenly

Flip to 50 yards, then 100 Irkins and 100 Derkins per tire group

Flip to 75 yards, then 100 jump throughs (start on outside of tire, both hands to the outside, jump both feet to middle over the tire, move hands to other side of tire, jump with both feet out)  This one took longer than expected.

Flip to 100 yards, 100 tire front squats split between the PAX.  At this point, Bookworm “had to go”  after his reps.  1 PAX on each side with tire on its side, and one person front squats, then pushes tire to the other PAX…stationed other men on the sides so the tire didn’t fall over and crush anyone.

Running a bit short on time, and we were 100 yards away with 2 tires, so moved to put the tires back.  Had a few more flips here

Mosey back to startex, flutter kicks until all in.  Then immediately into Flutter kicks IC – did 30
7 PAX – Mama’s Boy (QIC), Stripes (late and wondering in the dark), Teacher’s Pet, MIB, Soybean, Chiochetti, Bookworm
at my first workout back after a few month hiatus, i posted to an Old Man Hitch beat down where basically we flipped logs and sandbags the entire time.  Unbeknownst to us at the start, Lodge my partner and I picked the heaviest log in the pile to be our coupon.   we struggled to even get it to the starting point, and i remember watching all the other groups flip their logs easily and man, we were struggling.  Then we switched logs, and that’s when we realized what a beast it was.  We saw the other groups also struggle with the weight of that log.

In this silly workout, taught me a few lessons.  Namely, I tend to be quick to doubt myself (“Why am I struggling so much with this?”)  While I didn’t take pleasure in seeing other men struggle with the log, it did make me feel better than it wasn’t just me who was struggling. (“Even the strongest men had a hard time with that!”) F3 teaches these lessons every day.

In life, find a group that you can express your doubts, spiritual, emotional, physical, relationally (is this a word?) , etc.  Be honest about your own struggles, and that can encourage other men who are struggling with the same thing.  Together, like the freaking huge tire today, you can move through it.

All PAX present are well aware of what F3 can bring to men in this city.   Challenged us to continue to EH friends and neighbors who could use the Fs.

Late again…sorry.