November 20, 2018

Full Body Stacks and 8 Revolutions of Lucille

THE SCENE:  36 degrees at the Berm with little to no wind.  The brown fallen leaves on the parking lot whispered to each other about their morning plans that were too soon crushed by the PAX that gathered.



SSH – 15 IC

Daisy Pickers – 15 IC

Windmills – 15 IC

Warm-Up Mosey Lap

Burpees OYO followed by Al Gore until All In…All other were IC…each set stacked on the previous and was followed by a 1-lap mosey around the building

5 Burpees                               ROUND 1

10 Merkins                              ROUND 2

15 Lunges                               ROUND 3

20 LBCs                                  ROUND 4

25 Squats                                ROUND 5

30 Curb Dips                         ROUND 6

40 SSH                                   ROUND 7

Didn’t have enough time for Rounds 8-10, so we did Flutter Kicks, Hello Dollys and Heel Reaches to finish out the time

4 PAX (0 FNG) Snookie, The Dude, PhotoShop and Bailout

I love to research the background of hymns…my favorite hymn has a great story about the writer of the lyrics, Stuart Hines, as he was a Ukrianian missionary during WWII.  This week, I read the story of how the song was published as we know it today…which is equally as impressive.

While recovering from a serious mining accident in Oklahoma, Vernon Spencer began playing music at a local bar called the Bucket of Blood. He enjoyed the work so much he hopped on a train to Hollywood in 1931, hoping to make it big. Tim Spencer became his stage name, and he joined Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers to become one of the most popular groups in America. Tim married to a Christian woman named Velma, who prayed earnestly for him, especially while he was on the road. He needed all the prayer he could get, for his lifestyle was epitomized by the title of one of his hits: “Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Wild Wild Women.”

Then one day in a hotel in Hazelton, Pennsylvania, Tim opened a letter from his wife. Included was a verse of Scripture. Picking up a nearby Gideon Bible, Tim read the passage and realized he needed a change in his life. In prayer he yielded his life to the Lordship of Christ.

Tim Spencer later established a Gospel Music publishing company, Manna Music, and a few years later his college-age son, Hal, brought him a song from a student missionary conference. Tim contacted the author of the words, Stuart Hine, and published the song. It became one of the most beloved hymns of the twentieth century. And that’s how the author of “Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Wild Wild Women” became the publisher who helped introduce the world to “How Great Thou Art.”

Stories like this renew my Faith and remind me not to judge anyone as God can do and does great things in people of all colors, background and situations.  Two lessons learned: 1. Be careful of cigarettes, whisky and wild women.  2. Always take heed when your wife writes you a letter.

Friend of PhotoShop awaiting surgery.  Co-worker of Bailout dealing with some personal issues and on leave.  Mindful of the many people traveling this week.

As it gets colder, the intensity of the workouts is being bumped up.  Layering is a great thing!  Several of us shed layers after the first couple of rounds.

Loved seeing everyone push through the work and the laps were almost a breather and allowed for a bit of mumblechatter.  We recalled “The Count” from Sesame Street and determined that 12 would be the number of the day.

Snookie always impresses me with his dry sense of humor and his consistent pace.  The Dude’s Burpee pace is quick.

Nov 23 – 1 PM Potluck at Shelby Farms on Friday

Dec 10 – 5:30 PM Ruck through Starry Nights