February 3, 2021


Vengeance and I met at 0515 to meditate silently together for 10 minutes. I gave us some ideas for meditation, just mentioning to him that I was going to be focusing entirely on 1 fruit of the spirit: patience, changing up my words with each breath I took in (“Lord, fill me with patience”, “God, give me patience”) and as I breathed out, I would change my words from “take away my short-temperedness” to “God, help me not to be short-tempered” to just simply “short-tempered”, the idea being that I am breathing it out, so to speak. I PM’d Vengeance the night before and mentioned for him to pick a fruit of the spirit that he has felt “empty” in lately or just simply lacking. His was different than mine, and he was open to sharing that was, which was nice to communicate to each other these areas, and I am not thinking to be mindful about praying for God to strengthen them in this “fruit”.

During meditation, I mentioned to Vengeance something that was helpful for me – that I would try to take a breath, then take 2 or 3 more breaths without releasing yet, focusing on it filling my lungs, and trying to meditate on the “filling” being the fruit of the spirit filling me up.


Motivator – countdown from 6 IC

Daisy Pickers x 10 IC

Imperial Walker x 10 IC

Hillbilly x 10 IC

We did a mile lap around Sea Isle Park, stopping every .2 miles or so to do an exercise, all done in cadence. Whenever the 6 would fall behind, I asked the two leading PAX to circle around and bring him in.

Flutter Kicks x 25 IC
Reverse lunges x 25 IC
Up Downs x 10 IC
Irkins x 20 IC – done at the “gym”, using the bench and other Irkin-assisting objects around the gym
Tempo Squat x 20 IC – done at shovel flag

Staying at the shovel flag for the duration of the remaining 15 mins or so, I told the PAX that we just spelled FRUIT with the exercises we just did, my reason being I’m making an effort to focus on the Fruit of the Spirit during this month’s meditation challenge. I told them we were now going to do 5 different plank positions, 1 minute in each position, (so 5 minutes total), focusing on a fruit of the spirit in each position. As we breathe in, focus on your breath and say the fruit of the spirit, or pray for God to give you more “patience…. kindness…” and as you breathe out, focus on your breath, and ask God to take away the opposite of that fruit, whether it’s “Short-temperedness” or “cruelty”.

All for 1 minute:

In high plank – Breathe in “love” and breathe out “hate”

In low plank – Breathe in “patience” and breathe out “short-tempered”

In right side plank – Breathe in “kindness” and breathe out “cruelty”

In left side plank – Breathe in “self-control” and breathe out “laziness”

In back plank – Breathe in “gentleness” and breathe out “brutality”

Next, I had the PAX grab a CMU each. We did 20 CMU overhead presses in cadence, as a 4-count. So basically 2:1.

Then we did 1 minute of a wall-sit.

Then we went back to the CMUs for 20 CMU curls in cadence, as a 4-count. (2:1).

Then we did 1 minute of a wall-sit.

Then we did 20 CMU swings, (like a kettle bell swing), in cadence. as a 4-count. (2:1).

Then we did 30 seconds of a wall-sit.

Then we did 20 CMU skullcrushers, in cadence. as a 4-count. (2:1).

6 PAX, 1 FNG. Chef (AOQ), Upgrade (QIC), Laettner, Passport, Vengeance, and Merlot Splash (FNG, and Choker suggested should be named Franzia, because Bermies “are not creative at naming FNGs” according to the incredibly creative and always on the cutting edge Lochte, who everyone should run their FNG name ideas through.

I chose to not have a COT this morning and rather jump straight into prayer and take a minute to silently pray to ourselves over the prayers mentioned.


Meditating with a fellow PAX before the Q really helped rewire my entire control system this morning and made me relaxed and in tune with the Holy Spirit in a way I am not used to. It was really nice.

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