January 15, 2018

From the Cradle to the Coffin.

The Lair
O Positive on Q
26F with clear skies



SSH IC x 20

Wide Arm Circles (F) IC x 10

Wide Arm Circles (R) IC x 10

Windmills IC x 20

Deep Knee Bends IC x 20

Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Hill Billies IC x 20

>4 minute lil’ mosey

THA-THANG: Baby Steps
*6 Rounds:
*Use of multi-purpose field; length: 100 yards

  • Round 1: Stargazer x 1 minute
  • Round 2: LBC x 2 minutes; completed 175 reps/ea
  • Round 3: Body-Builders (8-ct) x 3 minutes; completed 27 reps/ea with perfect form*
  • Round 4: Bear Crawl x 6 minutes; covered 100 yards; mosey back to startex
  • Round 5: BBSU x 5 minutes; completed 95 reps/ea
  • Round 6: Run/Sprint/Jog x 6 minutes; covered 1,000 yards

BBSU IC x 50

4; Backseat, Slots, C-Lo and O Positive

YHC kept the routine simple.  The theme ‘from cradle to the coffin’ represented man’s life journey.  Not just physically growing from an infant having everything fed to him, slowly gaining his independence and standing upright then running on his own-but more akin to representing our adult lives. Are we maturing and growing in the things that matter like our faith and our personal prejudices and biases?  Or are we still infants and letting others do/think for us what we should do/think for ourselves; like embody moral courage and stand up for what is right and correct what is wrong.?  Today we honored the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and reflected on how we, as 

a society, need to continue to grow up and love one another.

YHC led the PAX onto the frozen tundra of Collierville.  Icy terrain so we kept things simple: Core, Strength and  Cardio.  Quickly realized the Deep Knee Bend was a lot easier in grade school. Introduced the Lair to the Burpee’s Daddy the ‘Body-Builder’ on an 8-ct. It was a great day to get better and get better we did.  Glad to see the men get up and after it in the early morning chilly gloom.

F3-Memphis: Better Together. Aye!