June 16, 2018

Freed To Lead

Mothership where it it was a balmy, clear 78 degrees where the sweat poured down like tears

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Including what is the Mission of F3

*SSH x 16 IC
*IMPERIAL WALKERS (moving in a circle clockwise as a unit) x 16 IC
*HILL BILLIES (moving in a circle clockwise as a unit) x 16 IC

YHC led PAX on a lil’ mosey from the parking lot down the hill to the sign … .25 mile and back to STARTEX

THA-THANG:  Looks like a harmless parking lot, right? Not so fast, my friends.
Part 1
>YHC designated 30 adjacent parking spots to loosely resemble a wall calendar with parking spots serving as calendar squares, er rectangles.  15 spots on one side with the other 15 on the other side.  PAX would pick a spot with no 2 PAX occupying the same spot at the same time.
*Each spot (1-30) represented a day of the month and in each spot was a unique exercise to be performed
*A timer of undetermined time (otherwise known only by YHC) was set…PAX would complete the exercise (AMRAP) before the PAX would move to the next spot and begin exercise

*The order of the parking spots:

1=Side Straddle Hops (1 min.)
2=Merkins (1 min.)
3=High Knees (1 min)
4=8-ct Body Builders (1 min)
5=Plank Dumbell Flys, alternating shoulders (1 min)
6=Imperial Walkers (1 min)
7=Bobby Hurleys (1 min)
8=Lunge Walk (1 min)
9=Bear Crawl (1 min)
10=Lil’ Baby Crunches (1 min)
11=Squats (1 min)
12=Overhead Claps (45 secs)
13=Tractor Tire Flips (45 secs)
14=Frog Jumps (45 secs)
15=Sprint,cone to cone (45 secs)
16=Jump Squats (1 min)
17=Agility Ladder (1 min)
18=Dumbbell Curls (1 min)
19=Prisoner Lunge  (1 min)
20=Hill Billies (1 min)
21=Crawl Bear (1 min)
22=Burpees (1 min)
23=Big Boy Sit-Ups (1 min)
24=Crab Walk (1 min)
25=Flutter Kicks (1 min)
26=Carolina Dry Docks (1 min)
27=Reverse Lunge Walk (1 min)
28=Plank Merkin, Arm Release, Alternating (1 min)
29=Dumbell Extensions, Behind Head (1 min)
30=American Hammers (1 min)

Once the PAX completed half (15) of the rotations YHC then led (call it halftime) the PAX on a mosey around the parking lot x1 mindful to leave no man behind.

PAX returned back to their respective spots to begin next rotation.


*Flutter Kicks x20 IC
*Alphabet x26 Letters IC

11; Heavyweight, Father Abraham, Costello, Nature Boy, Tomb Raider, Yard Sale, Rabbit, Uncle Rico, Orange Julius, C-Lo and O Positive (YHC)


F3…has changed my life.  In so many ways to count.  YHC shared how Q’ing has helped build a renewed confidence in YHC’s ability to lead.  YHC highlighted how he struggled with recent anxiety over a large project-and I mean LARGE-at work but settled into a state of assured, self-confidence that F3-by God’s grace-has helped prepare him to tackle the project at hand.  And he did just that.  YHC is very intentional to step up and Q x1/week.  As YHC shared with the PAX, being the Q-to YHC-means being ‘fully present’ and owning the opportunity.  Failure and fear to fail-Q’ing a workout-should be a non-issue.  YHC challenged the PAX to step up and lead if they never have.  To step up and lead if it has been awhile.  Step up-with confidence-and lead their families, companies and communities.  #FreedToLead

Also reminded the PAX of the F3 Mission and the reason why the F3 Mission is important to remember.  With 394 PAX and counting, not many can recite the Mission and Core Values.  YHC challenged the PAX to consider, “Don’t get caught up ‘in the current’ (posting to work-outs out of habit) if you don’t know why you are ‘in the water’ in the first place. Great things on the horizon for F3-Memphis. AYE!

**PAX prayers were lifted up.

This work-out is a full-body beatdown.  The PAX crushed it. Proud of them all and grateful to lead them out of the gloom.

GROWRUCK is coming…9/21-9/23.