November 21, 2019

FOURed at Old Forest 11/19/19

THE SCENE: 42 & clear
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: yes and yes and yes (for three waves of arrivers)
In cadence . . .

SSH x 20
Imperial Walkers x 12
Hillbillies x 12
Windmill x 12
Daisy Picker x 12
Arm Circles x 20 (10 forward, 10 backward)


Slingshot Run (aka Indian Run) around the Old Forest loop (estimated 1.5 miles). Stopping whenever Q yells “FOUR”. Then:

  • F – Freddie Mercurys (x 20)
  • O – Obamas modified (4 bear crawls + 1 merkin; 4 times so it adds up to 20)
  • U – U choose, dealers choice of exercise, 20 reps
  • R – Rockette Dips (dips will doing a high kick with alternating legs)

PAX would do American Hammers till all in.

Lost count of how many times we “FOURed”, but probably somewhere 10-15 times.

90 seconds of core
17 Pax. 1 FNG – Magellan

Enneagram has been helpful for me to become more self-aware and hopefully less obnoxious! I’m a #1.

Rockette Dips are for real, especially if you bend your elbows and work your triceps. We tended to just kick and keep our arms straight.