April 7, 2019

Four Corners With The Runs

Backblast 4/5/19

AO:  The Barracks

Q: Altar Boy

THE SCENE: dense fog, “super gloom”, and a soggy 58 degrees


  • SSH X 15
  • Seal Jacks (ssh but with arms in front instead of overhead) X 15
  • Imperial walkers X 15
  • Imperial stormkickers (add a front kick to your IW position) X 15
  • Merkins X 10
  • Annie’s (plank but scrub the floor with one hand) X 10 each hand
  • Arm
  • circles X 10 each arm

Mosey and warm up run around track integrating stretching motions and short sprints. Stay with Q. Gradually increase speed until arriving at U of M student activities plaza (around the fountain, which was on for our enjoyment!).


“Four corners with the Runs”

-Four exercises in each corner. Each corner is AMRAP until relieved by a runner. Each station will always be sending a runner as soon and a runner arrives, so there will always be four guys running. Route between stations is about 100-140 meters. The faster the running, the better the workout.


  1. Jiminy Cricket (merkins where all four points leave the ground at the same time), modification: hand-release merkin
  2. Dips, modification: crabwalk around berm
  3. Bodybuilders, modification: burpees
  4. Box jumps, modifications: jump squats and squats

*Made it through the 1.5 rotations

MARY (at the Tiger):

Captain Thor (1:4 Big Boy Sit-up to American Hammer, get to 10:40) – most guys didn’t finish reps


Quit complaining about the stuff we do that’s hard and be grateful for the ways they shape us to be stronger and better people.

13 PAX, 1 FNG (SOLO)

Pirtle, Lodge, Jailbait, Diplomat, Scrappy Doo, Dewey, Four Eyes, Lynx, Doc Hollywood, Altar Boy, Chiocetti, Tomb Raider