August 15, 2018

Four Corners Escalator and Sum Brass Monkey at The Morg

A gloomy dark still morning with no creeper van in sight and missing a bearded Phat Pat doing hot yoga stretches and selfies.


15 IC Side Straddle Hops
10 IC Imperial Walkers
10 IC Windmills
10 IC Daisy Pickers
10 IC Arm Circles (5 in each direction)

Four Corners Escalator – Four cones in a square 25 yards apart.

Start at 1st corner.
10 Burpees – Bear crawl to 2nd corner.
10 Burpees + 20 Big Boy Situps- Bear crawl to 3rd corner.
10 Burpees + 20 Big Boy Situp + 30 Squats – Bear crawl to 4th corner
10 Burpees + 20 Big Boy Situp + 30 Squats + 40 Merkins- Bear crawl to 1st corner.

Mosey around all 4 corners back to 1st corner.
Repeat in reverse order. 10/20/30/40, 10/20/30, 10/20, 10 and lunge walk to each station.

During the escalator massacre, YHC asked the trivia question about the show The Office: What movie did Michael Scott write and film? and later asked for only the Millennials to tell me the names of the cartoon family, The Jetsons.  YHC was disappointed that no Millennials could give the correct answer.

Play Brass Monkey
1st minute: High plank and alternate between low/high plank when the word “monkey” is heard.
1st – 2nd minute: High plank and shoulder taps when the word “monkey” is heard.
Rest of song: High plan and merkins when the word “monkey” is heard.

10 IC mirrored One-Calls.

10 IC Windshield wipers
60 seconds of flutter kicks

12 PAX (1 FNG )  – Wall Builder, Casio, Orange Julius, Mr. Wonderful, Choker, Gilligan, Woodpecker, Flobee, Sleep Number, Chelsea(FNG), Commie, Carport.

YHC talked about the importance of being intentional as we go throughout our day.  We as a society hide behind social media and garage doors and have lost the art of intentional conversations and interactions with other human beings.  I encouraged the PAX to get to know their neighbors and have meaningful conversations with them asking about things going on in their lives and how they can be prayed for.    To call a friend for their birthday rather than send a facebook post or send a card to someone hurting or in need of prayers.   There’s a time for EH’ing and a time for sharing the good news but all of that starts with first forming a relationship with that person through being intentional.

TCLAPS to Orange Julius for correctly answering The Office trivia question, with the answer of “Threat Level Midnight”.  I will admit that I didn’t think anyone would know it.

One year anniversary next Saturday.