June 15, 2019

Four Corners BOMBS on Beale Street Landing

THE SCENE: Probably one of the most favorable weathered mornings of 2019, started cool, worked up to a sweat tho!
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Welcomed & disclaimed

  • SSH x30
  • Daisy Pickers x15
  • Imperial Walkers x15
  • Arm Circles x32
  • Polka Stretch x15

Mosey to Beale Street Landing

  • Four Corners BOMBS
    • 10 reps at first corner, mosey up and down the north side of the Landing, 10 more reps, crab walk west, 10 reps, then return to south side of the Landing, 10 reps, bear crawl to starting corner and begin reps on next movement
      • Round 1: Burpees
      • Round 2: Overhead Claps
      • Round 3: Merkins
      • Round 4: Big Boy Sit-Ups
      • Round 5: Squats
    • One or two pax finished and started to rinse and repeat and made it 1/2 or 3/4 through 5 burpees round, but we paused to return to STARTEX for Mary


  • LBCs x15
  • Baby Makers x15
  • LBCs x15
  • Hollywood Side Crunch x 10 each side
  • LBCs x15



Shared about the news from Frayser the night before that made national headlines & spoke about that combined with the Cofield murder that these things should not push us to insulation and isolation, but to embrace and be for community. Strive for unity and understanding why people are upset rather than rushing to divisiveness.

YHC had put Bruce Wayne on the schedule, and had comz issues via text the week prior…so weinke was crafted pre-pre-ruck on the john at 4am.