July 11, 2018

Four corners

THE SCENE: 77 degrees and humid

Done. No FNG’s present

Daisy pickers 15-IC, Windmills 15-IC, Imperial walkers 15-IC, Overhead clap 15-IC, Slow merkin 15-IC, Mosey around the pond to the Soccer field.
Four corners

Starting at the lower right corner of the field, Merkins 5-OYO, Mosey together to upper right corner, BBS 10-OYO, Bear crawl across the field to the adjacent corner for Mountain climbers (2 is 1) for 15, Mosey to the lower left corner for Squats 20-OYO until all in. Line up for a sprint back to the starting point at the lower right corner of the field. We did this AMRAP style.   We modified the sprinting portion at times with back peddling and PAX races with the loser doing 5 penalty Burpees. After countless rounds, we finished with Merkins until failure. We went on a slow mosey back to Old Glory for COT.

No Mary
Gus, Moneybags, Skids, F150 (Dallas), Homeboy (Cherokee), Bruce, and Nature Boy. No FNG’s.
Revelation 2:19

I know your deeds and your love and faith and service and perseverance, and that your deeds of late are greater than at first.

I have been struggling lately with being patient.  I need to be more conscious of how my impatience affects others.
In training, it’s the athlete that’s willing to push themselves and other’s to go whistle to whistle, line to line and start to finish that is more likely to be successful. If we apply this to our lives, marriage, faith, and relationships, we will be more likely to live a fulfilling life.
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