January 9, 2018

Four Corners

The Old Forest
Beauty Shop on Q
40F with some sprinkles on top



Side Straddle Hop IC x 16

Imperial Walker IC x 15

Hillbilly IC x 15

Mosey 1 Lap of the Parking Lot

Backwards Mosey 1 Lap of the Parking Lot


Find a partner

EXERCISE: One set of partners stationed at each corner of the median in parking lot with one set of partners traveling at all times. While 1 set of partners travels all others are exercising.

  • Start: Partners 2,3,4,5 exercising at each corner.
  • Partners 1 travel from Corner 1 to Corner 2 and “tag out” Partners 2.
  • Partners 1 assume the exercise for Corner 2 while Partners 2 travel to Corner 3.
  • Partners 2 “tag out” Partners 3 and assume the exercise for Corner 3.
  • Partners 3 travel to Corner 4. Partners 3 “tag out” Partners 4 and assume the exercise for Corner 4.
  • Partners 4 travel to Corner 1. Partners 4 “tag out” Partners 5 and assume exercise for Corner 1.
  • Partners 5 travel to Corner 2. Partners 5 “tag out” Partners 1 and assume the exercise for Corner 2.
  • Rinse and Repeat


Corner 1: Burpees

Corner 2: Lunges

Corner 3: Murkins

Corner 4: Squat Jumps

*Long Lanes: Backwards Mosey

*Short Lanes: Bear Crawl


Big Boy Situps


10; Browns, Teacher’s Pet, Pirtle, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Dewey, Handsy, Shoestring, Popstar, Trophy Wife, and Beauty Shop (QIC)

YHC (your humble correspondent) did a reflection on John 15:1-2 (what doesn’t bear fruit He takes away. What does, he prunes, so that it may bear more). Reflection on what we are doing each morning that we get up and go to F3. A couple of phrases that spur from these vrs “I have believed lies” – what are those branches that aren’t bearing fruit, that are lies in our lives. One that has struck home is the notion of the word “Busy”. Instead of using the phrase “I’m too busy”, say what is really meant, “This isn’t a priority for me”. It only takes a few times to see where our priorities are out of whack. It hits home when you are about to tell your child, “Your not a priority to me right now.” Because that’s what we’re saying when we say, “Hold on, I’m busy right now”.

This workout was a VQ for YHC. It was a slow build where the first few rounds were relatively easy and then began to suck in rounds 4 and 5. Simple and effective.  Nothing too complicated (once you understand the rotation). It was a lot of the same exercises and not a lot of variety. That’s what discipline is, doing the same thing over and over and doing it well.