October 15, 2018

Foul BOMBS @ AO-The Levee 10/15 – Halpert VQ

THE SCENE:   A perfect 64° & pouring cats and dogs.


Disclaimed, free of charge, open to all men, I’m not even close to certified, modify as needed (two respect FNGs and one recovering from torn ACL)

SSH x25 IC….Daisy Pickers x15 IC….Hillbillies x25 IC

Mosey up to the baseball fields, head to right foul pole.  Partner up for some B.O.M.B.S.  Transportation for off workout partner to centerfield marker and back.

  • B – Burpees x100, bear crawls on 1st half transportation
  • O – Overhead claps x200, side shuffle on 1st half transport
  • M – Merkins x200, side shuffle on 1st half transport
  • B – BBSU x200, Double time mosey on transport
    • ENDEX’d here for most due to lightning at 6:01AM
  • S – Squats x300, Double time mosey on transport

Planned, but saved by the lightning bell….

14 PAX (3 FNGs), Barney, Billy Blanks, Captain Obvious, O-Positive, Mr. Freeze, 1040, Woody, Renfro, U-Rock, Soybean, Halpert on Q; FNGs:  Pablo, Dial-up, Murse

Story of Exodus 17 – Moses commands Joshua to gather good men and battle the Amalekites.  During the battle, Moses, Aaron, and Hur go up the mountain to oversee.  Moses holds his hands up to the Lord and while his hands are raised, the Israelites are prevailing.  And, when he lowered his hands, the Amalekites prevailed.  When his arms grew weary, Aaron and Hur move a rock over for Moses to sit on and they hold Moses’ hands up for him.

GrowRuck12 reflection – When my arms were failing, my brothers in the fight with me held them up.  When I saw a comrade needing a hand, I jumped in to shoulder the load and give him rest.

In this world, we will all go through storms where are arms seem to fail and we need our band of brothers to hold them up.  I know I have times where I need somebody to hold my arms up.  I’m thankful for this band of brothers who I know will be there.  I’d be there for any one of you who waves their hand out and needs me to hold their arms up, day or night, just call.

Challenge to the HIM:  Look around in your concentrica this week.  Ask yourself if there is anybody who needs their arms held up.  Be that man, go hold their arms up.  Don’t ask for anything in return.

“HERO, Help Everyone Regardless of Outcome” – Cadre Kevin, GrowRuck12

Prayers:  Woody’s wife is due any day, ask that the PAX pray for safe and healthy delivery for mom and baby.  Prayers for the families affected by the hurricane, that the Lord comforts them and provides peace and supplication as they heal and rebuild.

Despite the early ENDEX due to lightning, I’m thankful to the PAX support on my VQ.  Thankful for O-Positive’s encouragement and bringing the PLC despite the cats and dogs conditions.

Today was special having my dad (Pablo), brother (Murse), and father in law (Dial-up) in attendance.  The F3 mission and what we do has been evident in my home since coming out for the first time on 8/27/18.  It’s been noticed by my concentrica.  We Hardwick’s are storytellers and F3 and GrowRuck has been all I’ve talked about the past several weeks.

Thanks to all you HIM who give me encouragement and accountability!

Sat, Nov 3rd – Eli Grow Legacy 8K Run-Walk-Ruck, Tullahoma, TN

Sun, Nov 4th – Ruck for Roony, Dodge Park, Columbus, OH

Levee and Morg shirts available still on Pre-Order, GET EM!

Two new AOs launched this week:  Gaisman (Berclair) and C.O. Franklin (Germantown)