October 5, 2018

Form Focus Friday – Or How to Drink a Zima

Magical. The stars of Neverland were shining bright, and the gloom felt like a cool dip in an underground spring.

Aye Captain! And we reviewed the 5 core principles of an F3 Workout. Neverlanders knocked it off the island! 


The emphasis on proper form was emphatically emphasized prior to Warm-O-Rama.

SSH x30 IC
Wide Arm Circles x10 IC
Reverse! x10 IC
Merkins x10 IC
Squats x10 IC

Slow Mosey

The PAX partnered up, regardless of fitness level. We had the perfect number for this (6, in case you don’t know what the perfect number is for this workout, pay attention). PhP broke out his newly received F3 Workout Deck of Cards. The task before us was hard, but simple: Each partner would perform the number of each exercise plus 10, according to the cards flipped. The other partner would count reps, and critique form. Only proper form reps would count. Flapjack. Get as far as we can through the deck with quality form.

Diamonds = Merkins
Spades = Squats
Clubs = BBSU
Hearts = SSH IC, face cards were 6-count Burpees IC.

All face cards were 20 reps, and Aces 25.

Here are the reps we performed. The deck may or may not have been tampered with:
Ace of Diamonds = 25 Merkins
8 of Clubs = 18 BBSU
8 of Diamonds = 18 Merkins
4 of Hearts = 14 SSH IC
5 of Clubs = 15 BBSU
9 of Hearts = 19 SSH IC
5 of Diamonds = 15 Merkins
Ace of Clubs = 25 BBSU
Ace of Hearts = 25 6-Count Burpees IC
6 of Hearts = 16 SSH IC
King of Clubs = 20 BBSU
Jack of Spades = 20 Squats
10 of Diamonds = 20 Merkins
7 of Spades = 17 Squats
King of Spades = 20 Squats
9 of Spades = 19 Squats
4 of Spades = 14 Squats
8 of Hearts = 18 SSH
Queen of Clubs = 20 BBSU

Phour Minutes of Phlexibility

6 PAX, no FNG’s

Measure twice, cut once. Be thorough and consistent in all that you do so you become dependable, you train your children in the way they should go, and you build a reputation as a trustworthy man. Aim for perfection, and trust God for the shortcomings.

Cut that hair and trim that beard Flobee!
Tiger Lilly is friggin beast and talks incessantly. But not about the workout. Just about what farts out of his brain.
This morning was everything I love about F3. It perfectly hit all the F’s. Love you idiots!

2nd F Dad Glamp at Gus’s Dad’s Property’s Backyard on October 12th! Dads and shorties.