November 9, 2018

For The 22

  • THE SCENE: 43 degrees with a light sprinkle.

welcomed and disclaimed.

•22 Imperial Walkers IC

•22 Daisy Pickers IC

•Run from one end of the tennis court to the other and back twice
•One PAX buddy dragged or carried his partner 40 yards. The PAX who was dragged then knocked out 22 flutter kicks while his partner held plank. Afterwords the PAX who just did the flutter kicks dragged his partner about 60 yards (combined 100 yards) once there the  dragee knocked out 22 flutter kicks.

•One partner would start working on 100 burpees while the knocked out 22 flutter kicks. Once the one doing flutter kicks finished with his 22 they swapped rolls until the team completed 100 burpees.

•We did the buddy drag/carry system another 100 yards.

•One partner worked on 150 overhead presses with a cmu until his buddy finished doing 22 flutter kicks. They then swapped roles until 150 cmu overhead presses were finished.

•The buddy drag/carry system was done once again for the 100 yards. One PAX worked on 200 little baby crunches until his partner completed 22 flutter kicks where they swapped roles and continued in that fashion until 200 little baby crunches were completed.

•the PAX then sprinted about 75-80 yards to the pavilion.

•One partner did spider man Merkins until his buddy completed 22 box jumps onto the benches. They swapped back and forth until both PAX who were partnered together did 2 sets of 22 box jumps.

•We then did Fireman carries on a rotating fashion from the pavilion back to Startex.

(Note we had 3 PAX on a team today.)
•22 flutter kicks

•one minute plank
4 PAX for pre-ruck- BAM!, Orange Julias, Granola, Commie+ one CUJO!

3 PAX for Bootcamp-Granola, Orange Julias and Commie
Ralph Ellison said in his book Invisible Man “Life is to be lived, not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play in the face of certain defeat.” We cannot grow as individuals, as a people or collective group without failure. We don’t grow in our greatest successes but in the moment and times of trial, when we’ve been knocked down. To grow into the men we are destined to be we must learn how to pick ourselves up and keep playing, that’s when we grow the most.

For those of you wondering why I chose the number 22 for a lot is the repetitions is simple. Today is R.E.D Friday (well every Friday is R.E.D Friday) but what that mean is




22 Veterans commit suicide everyday. Since 1999 more military personnel have committed suicide than the number of men killed in the Vietnam War, The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars combined. That’s too many men that have been knocked down and wasn’t able to get back up, keep them in your prayers and reach out to help someone up.
Orange Julias and Granola raised that black flag high today and killed it. Good men.
We have the AO Olympics at the Mothership tomorrow! Try to get out there and kill it!