February 23, 2018

Follow the Leader

AO: The Barracks

QIC: Lazarus

PAX: Shoestring, Handsy, Crayfish, Pirtle, Teacher’s Pet, Spock, Toms, MmmBop, Food Fight, Father Abraham, Dewey, Screech (FNG)

THE SCENE: 55F, damp and humid



QIC announced the game to be played “Follow the Leader”.  QIC informed PAX that he would be working out as if he was by himself, and wouldn’t be calling the exercises.  QIC told PAX if they wanted to get better, they would have to do 2 things, “keep up, and pay attention!”, then QIC  took off!


QIC ran to the parking garage, ran up and down in it with various exercises and diverse runs.  QIC ran out to the track and dished out more goodies along the way.  No exercises or counts were called, just performed at random, then taking off into a run or sprint until the next exercise.


QIC was smoked so he finished off with various ab exercises just so he didn’t have to run anymore!


13 PAX, 1 FNG


When Jesus called men to “Follow” Him, the Greek word used literally means “to imitate”.  When we try to obey Christ’s commands, we always fail.  Why?  Because we fail to “do it like He does”.  Only by “paying attention” to the Holy Spirit as much as possible, as long as possible, can we see how Jesus would talk, behave, and act in our shoes in any given situation we are in.  Then and only then, can we learn to imitate Him……and get better at what we are doing.  Paying attention is hard!  We are easily distracted thereby straying off, or discouraged and fatigued thereby falling behind, or in childish pride try to get ahead only to crash hard in the end.  Paying attention is therefore the key to imitation, and imitation success.

Prayers for Father Abraham and the many situations he is dealing with right now as well all the PAX with unspoken requests of trials and temptations.


QIC was smoked by the end of the beatdown and even throughout, but not because of himself…..because of the PAX that kept up and didn’t give up!  They pushed hard and pushed QIC hard and we “Got Better Together”!


  • Crayfish 40th B-Day bash at his place 5-8pm Sunday.  Talk to him for details and directions.
  • Super ruck starting at 4am at the Mothership. Check preblast for details.
  • 1st ever VAPE Session during Coffeeteria after Mothership.  Check preblast for details.