August 29, 2017

First Mond-AYE

AO: The Levee

QIC: Gus

PAX: Billy Blanks, O Positive, Escobar, C-Lo, Scrooge, F-150, Gus

Conditions: Cloudy and a humid 77F



SSH IC x 15
Imperial Walker IC x 15
Cotton Picker IC x 15
Merkins IC x 8

Merkin Mile
Run .25 mile & execute 25 merkins OYO
Rinse & Repeat until PAX have run 1 mile and executed 100 merkins

The Thang

Dora Lite
Find a partner
P1 does designated exercise while P2 explores; flapjack when P2 returns (add reps together for required amount)
100 merkins
150 BBSUs
200 squats

Bear Balls to the Wall
YHC wanted to utilize the steep walls of the skate park and devised that the PAX could traverse them while clinging to the sides. YHC did not have a name for the exercise, but a clever PAX immediately suggests “Bear Balls to the Wall.” The PAX jovially completed the exercise but groaned when YHC told them we were going back again. This will be a classic exercise at the Levee that is sure to spawn multiple spin-offs.

Flutterkick IC x 15
Hello Dolly IC x 15
Box Cutter IC x 15
Jane Fonda IC x 10 (each side)
Hollywood Side Crunch IC x 15 (each side)

Ratchet Shoulder Blaster to Endex



COT / BOM: Love brings us together.

MOLESKIN: YHC was fired up for a Mond-AYE workout. YHC loves these PAX, and they didn’t disappoint. The Levee is dark at 0530, and the merkin mile became a little dangerous at certain points. Regardless, these PAX had no quit in them! YHC is already looking forward to some more time in the skate park. Aye!