November 29, 2019

Fifty Two Oh Four

TL:DR – I got divorced. Marriage lasted 14 years. It’s sad. Took out frustrations with too many burpees. We did stuff. Rep counts: 14, 10, 8, 5, 5, 35, 52. All numbers that represent my family at the time of divorce.

First off, I have to say I was surprised to see so many faces out on a holiday after everyone probably overate yesterday and would have rather stayed in bed. So thankful to my Levee brothers and those who came that don’t normally post at the Levee. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you guys.


The Levee. Warmer than expected. 46? 48? Don’t know. Wasn’t concerned.

B-Rad (aka other names that are not F3 approved) showed up and kept asking for “real names”, not our “cult names”. 


PAX and FNGs welcomed and disclaimed.

Also informed PAX that this (V)Q was a tribute to my failed marriage.


14 SSH IC (failed to demonstrate… one FNG knew what a side straddle hip was, the other is studying to be a nurse, so he’s smart and quickly figured it out)

14 Daisy Pickers IC (Halpert demonstrated)

14 Imperial Walkers (Steinbrenner reluctantly demonstrated a Hill Billy, and we were able to direct to him perform correctly)

15 (oops… forgot to call halt at 14) arm circles (forward only)

14 overhead claps

14 Burpees (Granola, shirtless of course, kept clapping and was asked multiple times to stop… but he was too happy and kept clapping

Mosey around the parking lot. Shoestring immediately complained that he was told there would be no running (are you allowed to complain when training for an HTL?). Informed him that I stated that there would be minimal running. PAX should agree that the running was kept to a minimum.


Using my kids’ small whiteboard, I listed the exercises for the PAX because I knew there was no way I’d remember all of this. It also allowed me to have a visual of the numbers that represented my family at the time of my divorce. I was married 14 years (more on that later). My kids are currently 10, 8, 5, and 5. FNG Brad exclaimed that he wished my kids were younger. Steinbrenner (?) at some point said he couldn’t wait til my kids were 17.

4 rounds OYO of:

14 – BBSUs

10 – SSH

8 – Jump lunges 2:1

5 – Burpees

5 – 4ct mtn climbers

BONUS SET: I’m 35. Perform 35 Burpees. There were some comments made about this and they weren’t happy comments. That’s okay though, this wasn’t a “Happy Q”.

Counted PAX off by 4s and slow moseyed to Bathroom Building. One group per “station”. After completing designated exercise, take a full lap around the very small bathroom building (again… MINIMAL RUNNING SHOESTRING). Move to another exercise after completing lap.

I got married August 20, 2005. The divorce was final November 19, 2019. Asked PAX if they knew how many days there were between these dates. Lots of sarcastic answers. Correct answer: 5,204 days. Dial-Up shouted, “Burpees”, and then looked like he might just walk away in disgust. I originally planned on burpees here, but those Colombian Neckties were brutal and forced a change. Four stations, 52 reps at each station. One group started at each station.

52 Carolina Dry Docks

52 Squats

52 Step ups* at the concrete planter

52 Calf raises

*Being the lazy guy that he is, Shoestring decided step ups were too hard and did box jumps. He immediately regretted this decision but pressed on and did 2 rounds of 52 box jumps. You’re an inspiration brother!


Had a plan. Changed it.

AUDIBLE: Dealer’s Choice

Halpert called for 34 American Hammers because he couldn’t remember how old I am. We did 35 because we needed to be correct.

YHC asked PAX to lie back and said that I probably should have used my age when married (20) because 35 American Hammers in cadence were ROUGH. Thanks Halpert.

45ish seconds of the oft teased, rarely performed Stargazers ensued.


15 PAX (2 FNGs Chloroform and Kool-Aid)

Rocket Launcher, Steinbrenner, Halpert, Bootheel, Granola, Dawson, Boudreaux, Dial-Up, Soybean, C-Lo, Nature Boy, Shoestring, Slater


After reading my Desiring God devotion this morning, I changed up the plan here.

From Solid Joys Devotional App:

How much more will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without blemish to God, purify our conscience from dead works to serve the living God. (Hebrews 9:14)

We know that our conscience is defiled — not with external things like touching a corpse, a dirty diaper, or a piece of pork. Jesus said it is what comes out of a man that defiles, not what goes in (Mark 7:15–23). We are defiled by attitudes like pride and self-pity and bitterness and lust and envy and jealousy and covetousness and apathy and fear.

My attitude had defiled me. Though I had committed many external sins, my heart wasn’t right. Throughout my life, I focused more on the external. I tried to atone for my own sins with performance. I never truly grasped and applied the forgiveness, grace, and mercy freely offered through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. After confessing my long hidden sins, I was free. And I was no longer afraid to tell the truth after struggling with lying constantly about nearly everything, but especially the “embarrassing” sins. Now when I mess up, I feel the need to confess and I do. I no longer fear the consequence of being judged by others for my mistakes.

Be honest. Do the hard thing and confess what needs to be confessed.


Grateful for F3 whether us is Thanksgiving or not. You guys have helped me through the most difficult time of my life. I never knew I could have relationships like I have with HIMs like all of you. Continue to reach out to one another when support is needed.


December Qs are available. Grab one.

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